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Podcast Microphone Photo by Kelly Sikkema

Is 7am When I have All My Crazy Podcast Ideas?

I woke up at 7.30am with a brain surge of soo many ideas for Meta Podcast and I’m crying because I am so happy. I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED ABOUT LIFE. I am HYPED AF RN.  I feel like I’m about to combust and explode.


I’m reaching out to all of these amazingly ordinary people doing extraordinary things and the feedback is immense. I’m seeing so many people in my life do things for the greater good, to benefit others. They’re using their skills and life experiences to reach out and connect people as well as promote a positive mindset and attitude to life. This is what makes my life worth living. These little details, these things I see other people doing makes me proud to be ‘a human’. It makes me proud that we can use ourselves and our individuality to help others. We don’t need to be a Doctor, Lawyer or anything with a status to help the greater good. I truly believe this goal I’m trying to push because I know it’s an important message. Kids, children, adults everyone out there have felt self-doubt at one point. All of us have ‘feared’ something or felt ‘anxiety’ or even just felt ‘excluded’ – those who haven’t I’m sure you will. What I’m getting at is it’s important tolive your life even with all these complications. It ‘s what makes us learn. Overcoming fear is a big step towards freeing your mind. Even if we don’t know what we’re doing, even if we’re afraid… it’s all o.k to feel those things. We’re human. It’s O.K to be depressed, it’s O.K to have a mental illness, it’s O.K to be sacked from your job. It’s life. What’s not okay is letting it hold you back from progressing, letting it wire up in your mind and stop you from living.


I want to portray this word success as doing the things you love doing NOW. Not next year.. not tomorrow but NOW. I want to shape and change what the word means to people so we don’t all just strive to be rich and famous. I want everyone to do things they love in life, to be happy, be themselves and live. It’s an important goal for me because all we do is take from this world. I want to use my own skills and talents as well as other people’s skills and talents in a beneficial way otherwise what is the point in having them all and keeping them to ourselves. If I know that it can help, not just us, but enlighten others in some way or another why the hell not should I take that opportunity. It’s like shooting 2 birds with 1 stone.

Getting Flo on board

So, last night I met up with the squad. Flo was the one who sucked the info out of Lewis that he had a secret gig – we are SUCH intrusive and unnecessarily over-supportive friends it’s hilarious.

The chat was light BUT then it got into some MAHUSIVE heated debate about live and let live and people with crazy theories and stuff. It got far too intense and Will got proper emotionally worked up about it; he was shaking LOL. Flo, on the other hand, was so composed. She understood my point but elaborated on hers with so much clarity that I could understand theirs. I started telling her about my Podcast  and she shot out 10001 ideas and other people doing similarly awesome things. I can feel she had a similar vibe to me. She’s also someone who appreciates the drive and passion in others as she’s an equally passionate person. I reached back out to her in the morning…at 7.30am LOL to get her on board with the Podcast. I think she’s interested. I really would LOVE for her to be a part of my team mainly because she has so many useful skills like video recording, speaking skills, empathy and in general she’s a super sound babe from the ends like me. No matter how far away from the nest we fly we will always be Woolwich girls by heart. I feel like she really is pushing the filming aspect to it rather than the interviewing. Simi has been telling me to do Youtube Videos. I’m on the bench about it mainly because I hate public speaking. Having the stupid shit I say recorded for the world to see.. is even worse than public speaking. I will be held accountable for being an idiot LOL. I guess WHO THE F CARES right? It’s more about the person I’m interviewing anyways not me… so why care? Hmmmm

Reaching out on Linkedin

So, last time when I reached out to the Myles who holds Fintech Conferences. He initially replied enthusiastically and said he can elaborate over a coffee but I asked him to come to my work place to meet and he completely… did NOT reply. I took Debs’ advice about meeting where ever the person wants to meet so it’s convenient for them. Everyone is super busy and I’m not offering anything in particular to them. They’re doing me a favour (at this moment) so I need to make it as appealing and as straight-forward as possible. Currently, I’m reaching out to people I know on linked in so I kind of used Myles as alearning curb. I have another inspirer lined up ready to appear on my podcast.
He’s called Kieran and has started up his company Olga & Kay and they do talks, workshops and reach out to young creatives encouraging them to explore creative options and connect with one another through it. It’s really inspiring he’s doing this to help people. I know he got let go from some of his jobs previously from unknown reasons and it’s nice to see him on this wave. I have asked if he was willing to talk about the failures he endured to get en route to success and he’s actually agreed!!!!! I’m super siked. We’re booking in some time next month and I’m going to try and bring Flo in somehow. We’ve both agree on Skype but I know Flo wants to film so I might put forward this Youtube idea.

Lewis’ Gig Last Night

Mate, he did NOT tell any of us about it. We were all slyly pissed (in a joking way) but basically, the whole squad turned up to The Grove (an awesome local Battersea pub) and surprised him. It’s jokes because he doesn’t even tell anyone of us nor bothers and yet Flo found out told 1 person -> chinese whispers happened about 6 of us turned up to support him. He was shaking but so haps when he saw us. WE LOVE YOU LEW STOP TRYING TO RUN AWAY FROM IT. Lol. I’ve only heard a few fuzzy recordings and so I’ve never seen his band play before; they were really cool. They were actually quite amazing and something I would listen to. The melodies were spot on and the lead singer was actually quite sick. We’re so so so proud of him 🙂

Podcast Microphone Photo by Mohammad Metri
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