Another FRIYAY Tackled

I might call every Friday post FRIYAY. I love that word and I love Fridays! Everyone is in a good mood and I get to chat with everyone and get to know them better.

The Interview

Work was so fun. Barely anyone came in because of the snow. The Senior designers were going to interview some girl and I asked if I could come and surprisingly they let me! I was so excited!!!!!! I quickly scribbled down some questions on our walk to the meeting rooms. The main reasons I wanted to go was to ask questions that showed how she was in a team environment, what made her tick, what made her nervous and how she overcome issues and what constitutes as an ‘issue’ for her (because to me that is very subjective). I’m not going to lie here, there are LOADS of issues at work. I just wanted to see if she would fit into our team and environment okay. The worse thing is to hire the wrong person and for them to leave straight away or within a year. It shakes the motion in the ocean and it will directly affect me lol. I like my ocean calm, serene but throwing out banging waves so I can attempt to surf. My workmate said it is vital that the new person is competent but isn’t arrogant nor think they’re ‘TOO GOOD’ for the role because they end up unfulfilled and move on to ‘better’ things. When in reality where I work is awesome. Most people don’t realise this until they leave then they job hop for a while because they feel dissatisfied with their new company as they compare it to here. Well not everyone thinks that because most move onto greater things BUT every workplace has its pros and cons and yano I’m just being biased. The day this jobs starts affecting my personal life negatively will be the day I know I need to move on. Everyone requires different things from a job and the more involved I am in the work place the more I love it.

Maslow’s Pay Rise

I worked on some more points to try and back up my case to get a pay rise. I really don’t want to leave; I hope my manager takes on board my request. I feel like if he just shuts it down or brushes it off it will really demotivate me. I actually care about work, my job, the people and what I do. The environment and all the perks are all exactly something I strive for in workplace happiness. I remember learning about the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs at A Level Business Studies. Career is the second level which is pretty important especially as the first level are absolute necessities in order to live/survive.

maslow's hierarchy illustration vecteezy

You see that? Safety comes second after Physiological. This is why the articles I am going to write are going to be a banger because they are things that EVERYONE can relate to. Once I figure out how to work through this pyramid, and use it to help people around me, I can start making a positive impact on the outer world. When they say you must first be O.K in yourself before you find someone else to add to the equation I guess it relates to this realisation that you gotta provide for yourself first. So, as I’ve always thought in life, ME FIRST.

Lewis’ Dinner Party

I went to Lewis’s new flat for a dinner party. He cooked us veggie dhal and homemade chapati which was SO TASTY. I felt kind of bad for him because he spent the whole time cooking whilst we chatted. Sarah, Will and Ryan came too and we spent hours talking about so many random things. Ryan talked about the 100001 podcasts he listens to and I felt like it has moulded his outlook in life in a positive way because he’s trying out new things, seeing things from other people’s perspectives, learning about new things. I can see that it makes him feel fulfilled because he’s exploring the world passively through listening to these clips of people’s lives and creating curiosity. Some things he’s like NAHH some he’s like OO SICK. This mindset is awesome. He did mention that some of them push out a negative attitude and idea that can manipulate those who aren’t strong in themselves already but I mean….it just shows we need to push out these podcasts with different opinions so that we see the world in a 360′ way. We should accept a diverse opinion on a subject matter but at the same time hold our own opinions if we can reason why. Also, I find not many people connect to one another in a way a podcast does; it digs deeper into the mind and what drives us to think the way we think. Instead of taking everything we say at face value, we understand more of the backstory of how people work. It’s fascinating. I feel like for those who aren’t integrated into a diverse society and have no way to do that this is a perfect way to reach them.

Lewis's Dinner Party
Lewis’s Dinner Party

Lewis's Dinner Party


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