Books, Illness and Product Ideas

I’m really starting to get into the habit of blogging for myself right now especially as I’ve  finally been fully on my own for the first time in ages – it feels amazing not having anyone to answer to. I was scared I was going to be a bit lonely as I’m 27, single and I live alone…but my life is too sick! Plus my friends are so jokes and I swear I still have no time to just sit and chill which has always been my number 1 pass time.

I feel like my days go so quick just doing random little hobbies at home to keep myself entertained. Also, I’ve realised most of the things I will write about will be junk but ah wells. It all comes from the heart.

I woke up early this morning ate brekkie and started practising a little bit of piano again. I tried to find a new song but got disheartened. It’s as though if the teacher didn’t set me the task I was disinterested in learning whatever I found on the internet 😐 SO WEIRD!

Anyways after messing around on the Piano I watched a few youtube videos and then I finished reading Slaughterhouse 5 (finally). The ending was a bit weird. The guy was in the Alien World for some of the ending they talked a lot about Dresden, the bombing and I was just a little bit confused. Did the guy turn into a vegetable or not ? Or was it his time travelling self that allowed him to talk? I don’t think I liked this book very much mainly because it was confusing. However, I did find a lot of it very funny but yeah 2/5 for this book – maybe it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I’ll have another little research online for answers.

I’ve picked up another book from the library called: Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism by Chögyam Trungpa.

From the blurb it looks like it’s about NOT adopting the ‘spiritual guides’ and methods but about being spiritual. I’m not sure what to expect but I’m going to finish reading Fahrenheit 451 today and move onto this one. Fahrenheit 451 is such a thought provoking exciting book. People get burnt, people die, there’s conflict between people and within one’s own mind. There’s the question of suppressing human curiosities and boredom from over stimulation. I’m really enjoying it! I thought it would be another 1984 which is a great concept but a bit of a drag. This one reads quite easily.

I was suppose to have a driving lesson but my instructor postponed. Then I was suppose to visit Cat in Cambridge but they all told me to go doctors because I keep snotting and coughing up blood clots. The appointment is at 3.20pm and I feel fine so let’s just hope I am internally fine.

I decided to reply to Rory, my ex boyfriend’s, message who btw STRANGELY texted me the day after I broke up with Shaun. How do they know? Do men have weird sensors that detect when you’re feeling vulnerable and single? I didn’t want to talk to him or be rude so I was like “I’m fine thank you very much”. I was polite in replying and also expressing for the conversation to end at the same time.

Some guy just buzzed on my door and asked me through the phone “Hello, I am from your neighbourhood I wanted to ask you. What do you think of when you think about the future?”. I think it was one of them dodgy God preachers so I told him “Even though I’m very ill right now the future is bright and positive. Thank you for buzzing I hope you have a nice day” lmao. The amount of weirdos in this area seriously…

At the moment I’m following an Udacity Product Design course. I’m a couple of hours in and I’m watching the external course content it’s suggested…such a talks about entrepreneurs, inspiring related TED talks and articles on coming up with winning ideas. This stuff interests me so much I have no idea why? I don’t have a business bone in my body.

One of the tasks it says to come up with some ideas so here are some of mine:

  1. Homerestaurant. It’s like an Airbnb + JustEat + Uber service. People can use their kitchen as their base and set up their own online restaurant. Cook and deliver the food!
  2. Pet Sitting. There’s Dogbuddy but that’s for dogs. Is there one for ALL types of pets? Some people would be more knowledgable to look after something rare or something unusual than others. Rather than going Niche it could be broad. I came up with this because I always need someone to look after Wolfie. There are pet hotels but the websites are awful.
  3. What to do on your commute? – I don’t know about you but I spend about 3 hours of my day just purely communiting via 3 different methods of transport. I’ve gotten into a routine of either doing Duolingo, revising for my driving Theory test or just scrolling through my feeds and wasting time. I thought why not come up with an APP that releases content you want to be fed into your brain at certain times of the day. Like a timed newsfeed. It’s so pointless reading up lame ass articles and wasting a good 3 hours of your time where you could be learning or looking at stuff you LOVE like new tecnology etc.
  4. Property Listing Website – Something like Zoopla, Rightmove but without the Homewise/Share to buy/Commercial sections. Filter all that shit out please.. I just want pure unadulterated properties at the price I’m going to buy it. No 30% shares business, no over 60s home wise plans lol. I thought maybe it could be for people who don’t want to fork out for Agency fees but then they’ll have to be more active in flat viewings etc? SO I’m not sure how this wouldwork ? Maybe for the more stingy people who would rather do it themselves than pay the extra £1000 ?
  5. Chat to strangers in your proximity. How weird and exciting? Like a Chatroulette but for when you’re out and about on your commute if you’re bored. Sounds a bit dangerous, weird and perverted. I thnk I like it LOL. Also sounds a bit like catfish bait/people in relatonships being trapped or double crossed LOL.
  6. Where to sit in public spaces website. With GPRS maps and you can plot secret locations have people comment and rate it. Have you ever gone on your lunch break with no idea where to sit and eat… only having to return back to work and eat infront of your computer? OR you’re tired from a long day of City exploring and you just want to sit and chill. OR you want to sit and randomly read a book when it’s sunny somewhere nice and easily accessible? This could be the APP or website for you…right? I know I would use it if I didn’t have to download it.

So yeah that’s all I have managed to come up with. How do I meet down to earth business owners who can lead me in the right direction or speak to? Like a mentor. I don’t think I have the skills, mindset, capabilities or focus to start any of these. HELP

Anyways that’s all for today 🙂 I love my days to myself. So many fun things to do at home yayyyyy


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