Brighton + Bristol Weekend



So this weekend me and my friend ended up driving down to Brighton for the day and we were lucky to have such beautiful sunny weather! It was such a nice day out together; we ate yummy food, drank bubble tea, took a cute photobooth picture and snooped around the cool vintage shops.


Bristol Castle

I had booked coach tickets to go visit one of my old housemates from uni as she has just had a baby boy and I wanted to meet him. The trip to the coach station was an absolute disaster as my train station had closed and so had the one in town so I had to change about 5 different times and was an hour late to my coach…
I was getting really annoyed at myself for not checking the trains and not giving myself extra time etc and then I just thought to myself ‘stop beating yourself up and moping and just do something about it!’ So I looked online on my phone on the way there and fortunately I was able to amend my journey 15 minutes before the departure time which was good. Unfortunately I had to pay a £8 supplement!!!!! In all I spent £30 going to Bristol for about 3 hours which was annoying but after meeting little Theo it was definitely worth it. As I held him my hands trying to feed him/pat his little body for a burp I just felt this overwhelming feeling of love and joy and I started crying. He was the most cutest beautifullest little thing ever and I was so proud of my friend.
I went to a little market and we also found a gallery/museum thing which was free which was nice. Had such a lovely day just so exhausted now from the weekend..

Good deed of the day

I almost forgot to add that on the way to the coach station I saw this homeless guy and he looked so depressed so I gave him £2 then I noticed a cardboard with writing and it said something like “I’M BIRTHDAY BOY TODAY”. It made me so sad watch him sitting there begging with his head in his hands and so dirty so I went into Sainsbury’s and bought some cupcakes and I went back and gave it to him and said happy birthday. He said “god bless you” to me before I quickly ran to the coach station before I missed my 2nd coach. Smiles all round 🙂


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