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Day 7 in Sardinia: Catching My First Wave

ANOTHER DAY at Is Benas surf camp is another day in Paradise. I could stay here forever. I can’t even explain how awesome the people are here. The owner Alex is so lovely, the instructor Cenzo is the coolest, kindest dude ever. He’s proper inclusive and looks after the whole house and the people. All of his friends, his gf, the people arriving at the surf camp and just the whole team are amazing. I feel so emosh and happy here 🙂 They make you feel so welcome and at home. It’s like a home away from home but 10000x better! If you’re looking for a holiday to remember then Is Benas is the place!

The beautiful beach

The beautiful beach

So….. me and Chiara went to our usual brekkie stop off and another girl arrived and joined us called Francesca. She said she’s been back about 10 times already over the past 6 years LOL. I can see why! I discovered my favourite desert after Cheesecake. It’s called Sbriciolona and it’s basically the crumbly stuff on top of an apple crumble and some other yummy sugary things and almonds. YUM. I’ve looked up recipes already and I’m going to make it on Sunday when I get back for my workmates 🙂 Bring a little bit of Sardinia to them!

We headed to surf school I didn’t have any lessons booked this morning and tbh I was knackered and the sea was flat so it would just be paddling. #outoffuel So I headed off to the beach after Chiara said we could come back at 4ish to catch bigger waves because apparently they were forecasted in 😉

Stand up Paddling – SUP

SUP Paddling in Putzu Idu

SUP Paddling in Putzu Idu

After a while of sunbathing the sun was F’ing us up we went and got some SUP (stand up paddle boards) out and paddled out into the beautiful Ocean. I’ve done it a few times before but the waves were throwing us off balance lol. We wanted to paddle to the secret beaches but I mean we could barely get out of the beach front ahahahah.



I went off on a little walk on my own into the…. well the nothingness along the dusty bushy roadside and decided to buy some string to make the Chiara a macrame wall hanging. I picked a couple of sticks up form the side road (they’re a bit crusty but they’ll do) came back and they had all left and gone surfing so I grabbed my board and went into the sea.

Catching my first baby wave

Catching my first wave

Catching my first baby wave

After about 15 mins in the sea, I managed to catch my first mini wave!!!! After doing it for 3 days, trying and failing for most of it. I was getting knackered but this was the sickest most adrenaline feeling ever. Even though the wave was merely a ripple I was tooooo syked. The timing thing, when to stand up etc, was hard for me. You have to watch the wave from a distance then paddle in sync with the speed of it, whilst turning back and looking and it and then feel the power of the push to know when to stand up. I kept standing too far forward or paddling too far behind and either missed the waves or toppled over. It took me a while to start getting the waves on purpose (not by accident) lol. I found that the waves that I was going for I kept missing but it was okay because there were about 3 more after that one lmao.

My angry surf face lol on a baby wave

My angry surf face lol on a baby wave

After a while, Sofia, my new 9 year old friend, turned up in the sea. Cenzo was pushing her around and she started shouting at me and was so excited and wanted to surf the waves with me. She warms my heart. She started talking to me about internet memes and whether I knew any and that her favourite band were Imagine Dragons. I LOVE Imagine Dragons – they did the League of Legends theme tune like 2 years ago. hahahaha this kid is basically the coolest 9 year old I have ever met in my entire life. I kept telling her and she was gushing!

Anyways, after about 3 hours of catching waves I was fooken knackered. I had the BESTTTTTTT freakin day ever!!!!!!!! My entire thigh and knee is chaffed really badly it’s got loads of tiny little blisters ALL over. And my back arms and body ache from watching the waves and paddling lol. But yano the pain was so worth it. I want to cry on our drive back as I felt too happy.What another beautiful day.

I’m just sitting in the living room atm chilling on my laptop whilst Alex’s friend and his family and kids are all running around playing on the Pandora games console and shiz. It’s so nice and chill.

I’m so glad I decided to stay an extra day it’s amazing here.

Is Benas Surf School Lesson
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