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Fashion & Beauty

Today was the WSA fashion show – the campus one not the London one – and I have to say some of the lines were incredible! The attention to detail in some of the student’s garments were outstanding. I have to say my favourite garments mostly came from the Knit wear students as their technicality and finishes were of higher quality and a lot more creative and ambitious. I did notice that a lot of the fashion design student’s had used safety pins and had thread hanging off their garments up close (i was sitting first row) which I felt looked a bit messy and unfinished but all in all very very impressed! In total there was only 34 collections from a selection of students across the Fashion Design and Knit Wear courses each with 6 different outfits. I could definitely see specific designer’s personalities shining through strongly in their designs which was really cool.
I had my camera with me but I put it away after the first few as I kind of wanted to enjoy the show itself so I never got to take pictures of my favourite ones. Here are a selection of photos that I managed to snap.

Make Future Fashion Degree Show