Day 0 – Getting to Olbia

Since I can’t drive (I’m learning though!) every time I go abroad I either have to meet travellers who can drive or get public transport 😂 it’s seriously not by choice LOL.

It was 9.30pm and getting dark as I came out the airport. I went to the bus area, which looked more like the corner of a dingy Car park with Coach stations that could easily be missed. I asked the driver of the only coach there and he pointed to another bay. I nearly got on the next coach that was going to some next Santa Maria place way far out but I had helped a lady with her luggage and asked where to go. No one spoke English lmao so I had to point at my google maps – defo looking up some phrases tonight. Thankfully, the little shuttle looking minibus came after half a hour with the number 10 on the side. It went to Olbia so I got on. It was so cheap too.

I got to my Airbnb all in one piece. It was so trashy, the front door was broke and wide open but it was right next to the station which I needed to get early morning. The town centre is only 15 minutes from airport too! I dunno why transfers were saying 60 squids.

It wasn’t already 10.30pm so I spent the eat of the night washing and working on the SiChuan website.

Back to Sardinia in 10 Days Without A Car


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