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Exploring Cagliari

Day 2 in Sardinia: Exploring Cagliari

I woke up super early this morning around 8 am I swear there were bare mozzies last night. I’ve been bitten like a bitch.

I ate about 8 slices of toast, a Nutella croissant, a cappuccino and a coconut juice, worked on the website for about 3 hours and then set off to Poetto beach. I went to a diff section this time. All of the beaches is sooooo peng!!!!

After, I decided to flicker around in town and try and head to El Castillo de San Michel. But I got sidetracked and went up Bastion de San Remy then found loads of shops in rustic stone buildings and went window shopping. The town is absolutely stunning it’s so old especially the bit at the top of the hill at San Remy. It’s all cobbled and filled with small alleyways and ruins. It reminds me a bit of Rome but quieter. I love it here it’s so relaxing and beautiful.

The Bastion of Saint Remy

Still, on my way to Bastion de Remy I walked past a tiny shop with photoshoot pictures of people wearing “traditional Sardinian outfits” it was the cheesiest thing ever; so I went and got one done 😂🙈

I finally got to the top of San Remy it seemed to be under construction so I did more wandering around the alleyways checking out the old buildings and ruins. After a while I kept bumping into the same faces and cracking up I decided to hop on a bus to San Michels castle. I had half an hour left to walk up the hill to get there. #insertpowerwalk.

Castello di San Michele

The views from the top where San Michele’s castle was SICK. The info leaflet said it was the highest point in Sardinia. The castle had a little photography exhibition inside which was crap. Don’t go in there – it was 2 euros but I mean… it was pointless. I would just stay outside and admire the building from there and then check out the views and walk around the gardens.

I was starting to get super hungry and wanted to go to Osteria Gioia e Gusto. I even got there before it had opened and they told me it was fully booked all night 😭😳🤧
There was a reggae band on at the hostel tonight but I really wanted to eat out so I chose food over live music and it flopped I was a bit gutted.🤧

After being turned away from a restaurant that wasn’t even open yet I went to the bus stop for the 100th time wanting to get deeper into town determined to find seafood then I was like might as well walk around and find something here. 5 minutes away I found this jokes pub. The waitress gave me a menu completely in Italian so I asked for Verdures (my new word) vegetarian and seafood and she went through the menu to try to explain. 2 dishes in she mentioned Pasta and lobster and I was like DONE. I ordered an Aperol spritz and now here I am kinda tipsy and nearing 10pm. Do NOT be fooled by the word “pub” this dish was the best meal I’ve eaten all week!!!! My spaghetti tasted like the ocean.

In the moment of time I am writing this, I am sitting sipping an Aperol spritz in a cool breeze outside some jokes alternative Italian pub. All these 50-year-old Italian rockers with bare tattoos, shaved heads and AC/DC t-shirt keep turning up 😂

Better head back lol


City View of Cagliari
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