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Nora Archaeological Ruins

Day 3 in Sardinia: Day trip to Pula/Nora from Cagliari

Last night I got back super late around 11pm and I could hear music from down the road. The reggae band were still playing at the hostel. I didn’t miss them woohoo!!!! The singer was so sick she sang in Italian and English and had this Aretha Franklin voice but Reggaeton style 😂 Then they had a DJ who played reggae tunes until 1am loooool.

I woke up FUDGED. Even though I am Chinese I’m still a typical Brit; sunburnt on her 3rd day…even with factor 50 on 😭🔥😳

I decided to take a day trip to the Archaeological ruins at Nora and looked up how to get there. I had to get 2 bus/coaches which took about 1.5-2 hours – not too shabby. I woke up super early again around 7am and made myself brekkie and started working on my Blog template. I decided to use this one from Themeforest.

I set off and couldn’t find the ARST bus near my hostel so I went into town. I asked a few people and bought my ticket from some Vendors in McDonald’s next to the -ARST station near Cagliari station. I bought the return ticket too just in case. I asked around and they gave me a couple of last bus times. The last bus was around 9pm I was planning on returning at 7ish. I’ve learnt 2 new words Ritorno and Billette this time LOL.

The coach journey was pretty pleasant. Nicely air conned but I found out halfway you’ve gotta press the stop button above you (next to the air con vents) otherwise they won’t stop…like a normal bus. They don’t shout out each stop lol. It took an hour to get there. When I got near to Pula (as told by google maps) I got off at the closest stop to walk to Nora. It was deserted.

Getting to the Nora ruins from Pula Town Centre

The walk was about 50 minutes Long through some empty vegetation, posh hotels and marshy looking greenness. Although the walk was straightforward and chillaxing I would definitely suggest hiring a bike out in town. Biking there would probs only take you 10 minutes! You’ll see a lot more in less time. As I came to the end of my walk I started seeing signs to a beach!!!! I wasn’t aware there was a beach in Nora LOL gobsmacked it was STUNNING. The sea was so clear and there were loads of rocky hills surrounding the areas.

Nora Beach Palm

Nora Beach Palm

I bathed for a while and made my way to the ruins. They only let you in on guided tours in your language and only had time slots for 2.45, 5 ish and then 6. I was there at 1.30 so I decided to go back to sunbathing.

After spending an hour getting a heat rash and burning some more like a salmon I went back and started the tour.

The Archaeological Site in Nora

I was with some other English people and a Spanish girl. The tour guide was called Illaria and she was sooooooo good. Proper knowledgeable about the entire history of Nora and the ruins. She spoke about the Phoenicians, the Romans. The ruins were thermal baths, homes for the rich and poor and had the only amphitheatre in the whole of Sardinia! It was a tiny looking one she said it could seat 1000 Romans because apparently, they were tiny too the women standing at 150cm and the men at 165cm. Lol it looked like it could fit 20 people to me 😂 I’m going to google when I get back what Roman quarters use to look like. I studied Latin in school and I remember learning about the Atriums, the Frigidarium so it was awesome to see all the ruins and mosaics. Even the toilets and their sewage system looked interesting. I wonder if any of our toilets and sewage system will be in the history museums 3000 years from now admired by future inhabitants. What was extra cool was that she mentioned loads of the artefacts shown at the Museum of Archaeology and I remembered which ones! I would defo suggest visiting the museum before you head to Nora as it talks you through the history and the Phoenicians, the way of living and the pirates in more depth. I absolutely loved this tour it reminded me slightly of the Mayan ruins in Tikal, Mexico. I 100% recommend going if you love culture and want to know more about the history of the city you’re visiting.

Pula/Nora Archaeological Site Sardinia

Pula/Nora Archaeological Site Sardinia

After about an hour, we’d finished looking around the whole site, Illaria offered to give us a tour of the Spanish castle we had been eyeing up on the hill. It was on the top of a Volcanic rock which was the black stuff. The Romans had used the Volcanic rock for flooring as well. They seemed to be really resourceful and just built their roads and buildings with whatever they had. Truly phenomenal seeing it all! Apparently, the tower was a station put there by King Fillip 2 when he conquered the land which he apparently ruled for 500 years! I don’t know what kind of powerful man Phillip was to rule land even whilst dead.

Lighthouse on top of Volcanic rock

Lighthouse on top of Volcanic rock

It was now a lighthouse powered by solar panels. It was really cool to learn about what it was used for over the years and the reconstruction work done by the Military when they used it for a period. We got to go inside and go up it too. The views were…..breathtaking.
I really wasn’t expecting it to be this good in Nora lol 🙈

Views from the top of the Light house

Views from the top of the Light house

Pula Town

After the tour ended I spent another hour walking back into town. It was the CUTEST place ever all the buildings were multicoloured and there were flags all through the high street!!!!! The shops were selling mostly beachside tat, shells and souvenirs. The tourists here seemed mostly to be Italian too.

Pula Town - Cute Restaurants/Cafes

Pula Town – Cute Restaurants/Cafes

I was super hungry and most places were shut. Everything shuts around 4 and reopens at 7 🤷🏻‍♀️ I ended up walking into the cute town centre where a band was setting up a stage and saw Salmon fresco and Gambenis on a menu ordered😂 that and then 2 desserts after. It was sooooooo yummy!!!!!!!!! All the seafood here tastes fresh from the sea omg.

When I had finished all the shops were open so i flickered around the cute little shops that reminded me a bit of Corfu lol.



I don’t know whether I’m just turning up in all the right places or if it happens every week but in the main square where I was eating dinner Pula had a stage up with a live band and singing kinda funky music 😍🤷🏻‍♀️ basically Sardinia is way tooooo awesome.

I freaking LOVE Pula it’s beautiful I’m so so so so so happy I decided to come here 😍 it definitely only needs 1 day to explore so make it a day trip from Cagliari if you have time. And bring your swim stuff. You won’t regret it.

I’ll probably head straight back to shower then bed. Currently on the 2-hour journey back to the hostel.

I’m heading off to Oristano tomorrow morning to go Surf camp I’m so excited!!!!!

Ciao xx

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