Day 5 in Sardinia: First day at Is Benas Surf Club

I sat in the living room waiting for the surf guide to come and take us to breakfast at Hotel Rafael and a girl sat next to me. I learnt that she was from Switzerland and was called Chiara; she looked around my age. I thought she had already been here for a week and had another 5 days left. I was shocked that she was going to do 2 weeks of Surfing – that’s so long! I would have been knackered.

Hotel Rafael had a buffet breakfast with the BEST selection of cakes and breakfast. Apparently, they were all homemade; they even had a Gluten free cake which was so munch. This was the most luxurious brekkie I’ve ever had. I ate everything sugary and had my daily morning dose of Cappucino. I never drank cappuccino until Sardinia. Chiara said that Cenzo’s family (no idea if that’s his name) owned that posh hotel and that he tried to work there but couldn’t handle it and became a surf instructor instead. Chiara was from near Geneva but she spoke French and Italian because she was from the borders. She’s a Physiotherapist/Chiropractor which is really cool. I wanted to ask her to sort out my back but I think it’s too soon lmao.

The Surf Lesson

I had already had surf lessons when I was in Hawaii some years back but I mean they weren’t proper ones lol. THIS felt like a legit lesson. The guy who owned the Surf school, Alex, spent the first hour teaching us the theory. The main things that made up surfing were:

  1. 90-95% Paddling,
  2. Timing
  3. Standing Up
  4. Observing surroundings

So if you got the timing right with the waves you wouldn’t need to paddle as hard BUT if you were off in timing you would need to use the power of your padding to get going. Jeepers.

We had a class of around 6 people and set off to warm up and learn how to stand up on the board etc. Then we spent another hour paddling far out into the sea and learning manoeuvres, how to turn and sit and just get used to paddling. My arms burned for about half an hour then went numb and paddling got easier. We didn’t get to do proper surfing today because the waves were small but Alex said it was perfect for our first lesson as it would F us up.

THE WATER WAS JUST AMAZING. I can’t even explain how crystal clear and beautiful the sea was. I could see right to the bottom. It was like a dream.

After 2 hours we headed back. Chiara and I went to the beach and bathed. I said I would cook us pasta so we got back to the clubhouse.

Meeting Sofia my new 9-year-old prodigy friend

Whilst sunbathing, a mother and father carried their child over as she only had one leg and arm and couldn’t walk on her own. She was so confident and outgoing and started talking to me asking where I was from and said that she wanted to speak to me in English. As we got talking I found that her English was PERFECT and she had an American accent. I asked where she learnt it from and she said Youtube and Gaming. She was only 9 years old. She told me about all the games she played and spoke about one called; Undertale. IT SOUNDED INSANE. The next half hour of conversation was phenomenal. She spoke about Genocide, Same sex relationships, Transgendered Robots, Comic Sans/Papyrus, all the characters in the game, the crazy storylines and basically super intellectual shit that I can guarantee even people my age wouldn’t know what she was chatting about. I was gobsmacked. This girl, who was only 9, was one of the most intelligent people I have ever met. She was smart way beyond her years and way beyond mine. It’s just proof of how powerful the internet can be; all you need is a curious mind and a lot of time on your hands. She started saying “kawaii desu” and then about another game which involved suicide, mass murder,  gory beheadings and all sorts of horrific shit. I told her she shouldn’t be playing these games and she said “shh it’s a secret” Lmao. She was pretty dark to be honest, but I instantly adored her and wanted her to be my child lol. She asked if I would be her best friend and I said of course and she got excited. She thought I was 16 years old LOL.We started talking about Cosplay and she said she was going to Japan this year for Communin? I wasn’t sure what that was and she said it was when you eat the body of your God and it’s good for your heart? Not sure if she was pulling my leg but it was kinda jokes this kid was hilarious. She asked if I liked Anime I was a bit like “so-so” and said she Cosplayed as Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titans. ATTACK ON TITANS IS MY FAVOURITE ANIME OF ALL TIME   we both got super excited as it was also her favourite anime and hi-fived. I’m not sure if she was mature for her age or whether I had the same interests as a 9-year-old. Either way, this conversation was the craziest, most insightful conversation I’ve had all week. Her entire vocabulary and English was better than every single person I’ve met and I told her parents how smart their child was and they both went “no English” Lmao. After a long conversation about various other things we both loved, she said thank you for the best conversation ever and how much fun she had talking. Then her parents came and carried her away lmao.

Where we were paddling

I started cooking lunch but then Chiara took over and made the pasta for us. Nom nom nom. She said tomorrow we can get a boat and go to this island in the far distance but for now Cinco told her about some beach 30 min drive away we could go to so we set off on our way to another beautiful beach.

Road Trip
Road Trip

I was so knackered after a whole day of chilling LOL. I ate the rest of the pasta leftovers and 10 chocolate biscuits and then Cenzo came back with his girlfriend and some mates and said they were going to set up the BBQ tonight. I’m so dam full thank goodness I’m veggie now otherwise I would have gotten FOMO.

Back at the Surf House

I ended up just drinking beer and wine and listening to everyone speak Italiano. I love the language it’s such a nice sounding one. I started talking to one of Cenzo’s mate and found out does the same thing as me! He designs websites and we started talking about Hosting and he uses the same web host as me and I got well excited I went and got my laptop because he said he would show me his Resellers hosting account but the laptop died. Then I played on the Pandoras gaming console joystick machine fighting against Fabiana, Cenzo’s gf for the rest of the night. Things got too hyped man Pandora’s box is freakin jokes. I think I might get one. The games were freakin jokes we had one where I was a bumble bee girl and Fabiana was Little Red riding hood who kept trying to slap me and hit me with her basket. LOL Anyways I’m a bit tipsy and tired so I called it a night.

What an amazing day. The people at Is Benas surf club…are just I can’t even explain. They’re sooooooo chilled and so so so so so so nice. I FREAKIN’ LOVE MY LIFE.


x x x

Surf/Putzu Idu photos are of us but taken by Silvia Cabella


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