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Is Benas Surf School Lesson

Day 6 in Sardinia: Feeling at Home at Surf Camp

Last night was jokes. I woke up a bit groggy and went to the living room to wait for Chiara….she came out like with that sneaky look on her face LOL. She said she didn’t get to bed until 4am because she was chatting to Cenzo’s mate all night *insert tear cry face*. I’ve started to feel at home here and honestly, I REALLY DON’T WANT TO LEAVE.

We drove to the posh hotel for our luxury brekkie and I ate everything until I felt sick – again and then headed to Surf school. This morning we learnt about the types of waves and the names of them. How to time the paddle, stand up and how to duck and turtle when a wave too big comes. We spent some time in the water practising but there were no waves.

Out into the flat Ocean

Alex the guy who owns Is Benas Surf Club is super cool, knowledgeable and a great teacher. He said we could come back at 5 when the waves pick up. Chiara and I headed to the most beautiful ocean beach ever and got burnt some more lol. I’m so glad I met her and that it’s only us 2 at the surf house.

Me and Chiara my new gorgeous surf friend

Me and Chiara my new gorgeous surf friend

The beautiful beach

The beautiful beach

Not much happened except chillin’ it was nice.

Finally Surfing Some Waves

5 pm Came and that’s when the REAL ‘surfing’ happened. The waves started picking up and were about chest height. The water was pretty strong (for me) I never realised how weak I was. The strength of my paddling = me stable in the water against the waves LOL.

Is Benas Surf School

Photo by Silvia Cabella


It was so hard I could only surf when Cenzo gave me a push. Then I spent about 3 hours just falling and missing all the waves when I tried on my own. I had SUCH A GOOD TIME but I could only get 1 wave properly, on my own, and I only managed to stand on my knees (lol). It was so freakin hard! Chiara was catching some sick waves on her own. I was so determined I stayed an extra hour in the water trying but nada. I think I need more practice!!! This was the most fun I’ve had at the Surf school trying to catch proper waves. They really teach you the theory and don’t just throw you out to the sea and stuff they want you to understand how to surf safely and the techniques so you don’t injure yourself. I loved it and I didn’t want this day to end.

I saw Sofia at the beach again during our lesson. Cenzo pushed her around on the surf-board for fun for a while. She’s such a bundle of joy as soon as she saw me she started waving at me then she hopped off her board to give me a hand and try and help me because the tiny baby waves were killing me LOL xD I feel so much love for her she’s so cute and got Cenzo to start chasing me on the surfboard pretending she was a shark. Then suddenly she was like “actually I’m a dolphin because dolphins are kawaii”. Dam I still can’t believe HOW fluent she is in English just from gaming. She’s only 9 and her English is better than all the adults and is the best I’ve experienced on my entire trip!  Even though she KEEPS on saying I look Japanese… I forgive her because I adore her! <3

Chiara is out on a date with Alejandro and Cenzo went for pizza with a mate and invited me but I’m so knackered. They all eat so late! I know I’m on holiday but geehhh  they eat at like 10.30pm 😐 I cooked pasta and ate another 4 chocolate cookies and yeaaa just chillin’ having laptop time and playing on the Pandora Box games console.

Pandora's Game corner set up at the surf house

Pandora’s Game corner set up at the surf house

They told me about the Full moon thing on Friday how they are all going to paddle in the SUP out into the sea at 11pm until around 2 am looking at the moon. It does sound fun I feel like such a party pooper but I haven’t visited Olbia yet and I’m leaving Thursday. Basically, should I stay here one extra day or go Olbia? I don’t know WHAT TO DO. Chiara has already offered to drive me back with her on Friday but we would get to Olbia at 2? So I wouldn’t really get to explore it that much.  It’s times like these when I realise how regimented I am – I wish I could just go with the flow. I know I said I didn’t want to leave but I’m really not a sunbathe everyday kinda gyal. I was already hiding in shade today. Plus I cba to change my plansssss.

Everyone here is soooooooo nice I’m dying. I feel so lucky and so happy. Every single day has just been amazing. I love you SARDEGNA !!!!!

Us paddling to the caves
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