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Spiaggia Funtanazza

Day 8 in Sardinia Part 1: Roadtrip to Marabou

Today was my last full day at Putzu Idu. As the sea was flat, there was no point surfing so Chiara was like let’s drive somewhere. Not really paying attention to what I agreed to, I was like “sure”, so we set off on a road trip. We drove through beautiful hilly mountains, vegetation and greenery for about an hour. After getting F’d up by this certain roundabout and lost for about half an hour (lol) we drove through some awesome scenic areas and got to this place called Marabou. I’m calling it the Sardinian Malibu. The area was super vast, with palm trees and it was really empty.

When we got there Alejandro popped out of nowhere and I was shocked to see him as I thought we were going to hang out with Cenzo lol. We had driven to his home home where his family lived, which looked like a beautiful huge gated house. We got in his car and he drove for half an hour more to some freakin beautiful beaches.

Laguna di Marceddì

Then he dropped us off at loads of cool places; 1. Where loads of flamingos were 2. A couple more scenic places and then we drove over a huge lake thing.

Roadside flamingo watching

We went around loads of hilly mountains and finally, we got to this area that was kind of like a mini desert with loads of sand dunes.

Dying up the sand dunes at Torre Dei Corsari Le Dunes Sardinia

Dying up the sand dunes at Torre Dei Corsari Le Dunes Sardinia

Torre Dei Corsari

We had to climb up the bloody sand dunes which KILLED me. It was so steep and sandy, I kept sliding back down lmao. We got to the top to see the most magnificent view of a huge ass beach and the glistening turquoise sea. WOW just WOW.

Handstand - Torre Dei Corsari Le Dunes Sardinia

Handstand – Torre Dei Corsari Le Dunes Sardinia

After that, we drove to his holiday home nearby in the hilly mountain. It was the cutest place I have ever seen with little-cobbled stone walls, a mini kitchenette, shaded by green bushes, trees and little porch area overlooking the sand dunes and the sea. I wanted to cry. I felt really lucky to be in this secret place tucked away in Sardinia… just chilling.

His porch/balcony

View from the balcony/porch

He said this area is a holiday area for Sardinian’s and just a bit further down are loads of flats that were built but abandoned because the company ran out of money. He explained that the Tourism failed in this area maybe because the transport to it is not as direct. It was very remote and there seemed to be only 1 road that spindled around the mountains and through dusty tracks to get there. We had to drive through big puddles of waters a few times lol.

It’s sad that these places around Sardinia were abandoned because they are the most beautiful places I have seen since being here. I’m not sure whether it’s because they’re empty and untouched which makes them beautiful; there is always something so special about remote areas. I have mixed feelings about Tourism. On one hand, it injects money into the area and lets the world experience new places but then… with Tourism comes inflation, damage to nature and disruption to the locals. I felt that in a lot of areas in Guatemala and Halong Bay (Vietnam), where the touristic areas have set up walkways and set paths through beautiful Caves, destroys its beauty. Yes, it’s for safety but when it starts to feel ticketed – like a 1 in 1 out system – it sucks a bit. It becomes manufactured and forced…. Although, a better influx of money means better lives, more jobs etc for the locals even if their homeland is disturbed. I don’t know… I guess you could weigh up pros and cons for anything.

After went to a small cafe by the empty beach, had some lunch and I introduced them to my favourite delicacy; a Crisp Sandwich. They defo judged me but then they tried it and liked it heh heh heh.

Spiaggia Funtanazza

Spiaggia Funtanazza

Spiaggia Funtanazza

We chilled, had a beer then we set off again to this abandoned building that was a colonial summer camp for kids that closed in 1991. It didn’t do well and had been closed since. This run down, derelict and empty building was the most awesome thing I’ve seen all week. I know I keep saying that but every time I go somewhere new I feel like it’s the most awesome place ever lol – I love this shit.

It had about 6 different floors, no walls on the outside, everything was smashed and there were loads of graffiti and crumbled plaster everywhere. It was kind of dangerous but we felt safe. AND IT WAS HUMUNGOUS and honestly in the middle of no where.

Spiaggia Funtanazza

Spiaggia Funtanazza

On the way there Alejandro bumped into some people he kind of knew, who also had their drone, and we all climbed up the broken stairs to the top where the view of the ocean and beach was breathtaking. Alejandro got his drone out and shot the sickest freakin’ videos of us from about a mile away. It was proper HD quality and flying above the ocean just filming us. I couldn’t even see it because it was so far away.

Spiaggia Funtanazza

This place was probably one of my favourite places I’ve been to all week because it felt so desolate and remote. On one side was the sparkling Ocean and on the other side were miles and miles of shrub-covered mountains.

Spiaggia Le Dune di Piscinas

After that, he drove us to more green areas and then a beautiful beach called to chill some more. This day really was something special. We were so lucky to meet Alejandro and for him to show us his home area and these cool places.

Spiaggia Le Dune di Piscinas

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