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Day 8 in Sardinia Part 2: SUP (Stand up paddling) in the Full Moon

I stayed an extra day was because of this “Full Moon” event that happens. You take out the SUP (Stand Up Paddles) across the Ocean, watching the beautiful full moon, to a tiny secret island beach for a Bonfire at around 12pm to 2am. I was an idiot to even contemplate not going LOL. I’m so glad I did.

We got to the Surf camp at around 11pm and set off into the Ocean. Nobody told me it was 2km away. We must have been paddling for an hour; this holiday was such an active holiday all my limbs were aching by now. The sea had soft ripples that hit your board and tippled you over. I had to bend my knees every 2 seconds to squat and balance myself for every wave that came. There were about 10 of us just paddling the Ocean in pitch black lit up by the glow sticks tied to our paddleboards.

SUP parked

After paddling for an hour the sea water turned black and my board smacked something super squishy. We had gotten to the tiny secret beach but it was circled by a lot of seaweed and kelp. The entire thing was squishy and felt like a bouncy castle. I jumped onto it and I instantly sank into the back gunk and then waded my way towards a  (hopefully) solid beach. About 2 metres in, the squishy stuff started to harden and suddenly I found soft sand. WOOHOOO. Half of my body was black with gunk so I removed my wetsuit and put on my dry clothes from the wet bag. We were instructed to go around collecting drafted sticks of wood from the tiny to build the bonfire. It was so dark I couldn’t see much and I kept picking up bits of seaweed.

Us by the bonfire photo by Silvia Cabella

Us by the bonfire photo by Silvia Cabella

After 15 minutes Cenzo had lit the fire and his mate was starting to grow it. We sat around the warm fire chatting whilst they shared out the Sardinian white (bianca) wine. They started making Chinese shadow puppets with the fire onto the stone cliffs and being silly lol. After a couple of glasses the others got drunk and wanted to go snorkelling in the dark Ocean so they took the bigger SUP and paddled out and were gone for half an hour. I drank some more wine and chatted to Chiara and just chilled by the warm fire.

I asked her what were her top 3 things she was only allowed to take to a stranded island. She said

  1. Her theoretical lover
  2. Matcha
  3. Surf board

Then she asked what was mine and I said:

  1. My computer
  2. Internet/Wifi
  3. A chicken – for company/pet/eggs

And that was that. Hahahaha

Full Moon photo by Silvia Cabella

When the fire died down, we set back off on the SUPs to get back to the Surf camp. I was pretty tired and tipsy by then and someone started to paddle next to me talking to me whilst I was trying to concentrate on paddling and not falling in. He kept asking me about London and telling me of his experience. Well, I am not blaming him BUT I’m also not the world’s best paddler and I was pretty tipsy…. and well I fell into the Ocean LOL. The big SUP came to save me and I was already drunk so they dragged me on board with 3 other people and tied my boat to the bigger boat LOL. I had hit jackpot – the Bianca (wine) was on this boat so we all took rounds swigging it, paddling and laughing. Antoinella who was an older lady with her Husband was DRUNK AF. She was falling over on the boat and giggling non-stop. She kept downing the wine and talking to me in the only English she knew which was “They are BAD BOYS” pointing at the guys paddling and then going “I HAVE A DREAM” every 10 minutes. I was crying with laughter. I was getting pretty drunk by then and we had stopped in the middle of the Ocean with the beautiful full moon reflecting on the black night sea. The guy paddling jumped in and was like COME swim and float under the moon. Well, I needed to go to the bathroom and so I tried to flip into the water but flopped and then swam around doing my business LOL. After swimming around for a bit we had to head back but we had lost one of our lights so we had to paddle around looking for it. Antoinella was still swigging the wine and telling me she had a dream every few minutes. I’m not sure what it was about but she kept cracking up which was making me crack up. I accidentally hit the guy standing up in the face with the paddle and then I accidentally hit Antoinella in the face with it and then they took the wine away from me.

When we got back I was DEAD. What a magical night. It didn’t feel real. We drove back to the surf house ready to sleep for 4 hours to wake up and drive to Olbia. JEEBUS

Image source: Silvia Cabella 

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