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Day 9: My last day in Sardinia

Driving back to Olbia :(

Driving back to Olbia 🙁

We drove through the countryside back to Olbia. Orange spectrums were bursting through the window and I felt my face warming into a huge ass grin. “Brown Sugar” was buzzing on the radio and Chiara and I were bursting in and out of songs, making up the lyrics we didn’t know, giggling and drive-dancing together. I told her how happy and glad I was to meet her on this trip. She really did make my holiday so much better because she was so easy to get along with, super chilled and great company; without her, it wouldn’t have been the same or as good. It felt like we were on a summer holiday road trip together. We both were the type to just go with the flow and rode the same wave 😉 She will always be Miss FREESTYLE.

Chiara & Becky Car Gif

Chiara & Becky Car singing a bit of BON JOVI!!! 

We went to the Tomb and the Nuraghe which was cool to see but I wished we had a guide to explain more about the culture.

Walk through the foresty mountain

Walk through the foresty mountain

We had to walk 1km through some definite homemade path through the forest, hilly mountains, bushes and the wild to get there. It was getting way too hot and I felt a bit dizzy.

Beautiful views on the way to the Nuraghe

Beautiful views on the way to the Nuraghe

When we got to the Turismo they gave us a sheet with basic information to explain that the Nuraghe was for military purposes and the Tomb was the grave. It was cool to see but yeah it took 2 hours to get there and then 10 minutes to see everything LOL.



They headed to the beach but I was out-beached and we split. I couldn’t handle any more sunbathing. I was never a sunbathing kind of girl. Instead, I went for a walk and raided the supermarket and bought loads of different Italian snacks which I am currently stuffing my face with.

Then that night we went out for dinner and everything was finished on the menu except…. CRAYFISH/MINI LOBSTER PASTA. I freakin’ love crustrations lmao so I was like WOOHOOO. We had a banging meal with white wine and that was my last supper in Sardinia.

The last crayfish pasta supper

The last supper

I’m so sad to leave. I’m on my flight back to London Gatwick and legit tearing up.  I feel so emotional, so lucky and so grateful to have this kindness and generosity shown by every single person around me.

Ti amo Sardegna!!!

I have been to many countries, cities, and experienced many things but this was without a doubt one of the best holidays I have been on. I have found new friends, learnt new things and had the best time of my life on my ‘solo’ trip to Sardinia. Thank you to everyone I have met, thank you Sardegna and thank you LIFE for always continually bringing me amazing experiences.



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