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Networking, Driving Lessons and Freelance Work

I’ve just got back from my driving lesson. I’m so excited to write about my days now; I ran back to blog about it like a loser. I use to turn to my friends, ex-boyfriends, Instagram and Twitter for all my excitements and achievements. Now I have somewhere to just breathe and let out all my wild energies.

Driving Lesson

I overslept the last week and wasted £28 worth of driving lesson. I’ve realised that I will never learn my lesson unless money is involved and money is lost. I hate wasting money, I hate wasting food and I hate wasting anything.  So I had to put 3 alarm clocks on for this morning; I woke up hungover, worked on my blog and started feeling terrified of my lesson. I’ve actually really improved. I did about 13 of them 3 years ago and I forgot everything including how to turn on a car. This one was my 3rd lesson and I have learnt so much more in those 3 lessons than the previous ones because I opened my ears for once and listened to my instructor, Richard. I thought he was a bit aggressive at first but no I was wrong. He’s just a guy who says it how he sees it and for some reason, I took it personally and I got annoyed with myself.  Now I can see he’s only doing his job and I think that he’s a really, really good instructor. He points out every single thing wrong with what I’m doing so I realise, change my ways and then he finishes it off with encouragement. I’m improving so much and I’ve only had 3 lessons and I got into 4th gear, did some reverse turning and roundabout driving. I just get so shook when other drivers come at me which is essentially what driving is. I need to improve on my positioning on the road, remember not to drive into parked cars OR stop randomly in the middle of the roundabout as soon as I freak out LOL. I still feel confident I will be able to drive by the end of this year so I can hire cars and drive myself around on holiday!!!!!! I just need to rebook my Theory and not flop LOL.

Freelance Work

Whilst we were driving, he asked what I did and I said graphics and he asked if I did web design. Website building and setting up WordPress sites has always been one of my hobbies so at the end of my driving lesson we spoke about doing him a personal website for his company.

At the moment he gets his business through miDrive, which Is where I found him, and I can imagine it must be annoying to rely on another company for your clients. miDrive’s interface LOOKS nice but it’s actually quite awful. It doesn’t have enough functionality to fulfil what I need it to do like check my past payments, read up about the instructor or who they are and cancel/rebook/change a lesson date. They also take a cut of his earnings which is fair enough.

I said I would help him set up his own website so that he can manage his own business himself. I can do this by using a content management system so that he won’t have to rely on anyone else to make changes to his website; it would be a better investment this way than a static page. He only wanted to pay me £50 LOOOOOOOOOL I felt a bit parred but I guess people don’t understand how much things cost these days. I asked what content he wanted to put in it which was a lot but I provided a design solution and condensed it down into 2 pages and quoted him £250 which is seriously cheap AF. Especially if I’m setting up his domain name, server and connecting, designing AND implementing WordPress with plugins. I don’t think he understands that I’m undercharging him. For a WordPress powered website that is customed tailored to fit his needs, we would be talking about £2000+ here. Then he asked if he could give the rest of my driving lessons for free instead of paying. I said no, I want the money because I’ve already paid for 20 lessons in bulk and I want to keep the rest to practice before my test. I want to help him take charge of his own business but not be taken advantage of at the same time lol. I’m charging him peanuts but I can see if I do this perhaps it will help his career. He is a really good instructor and it’s unfair that he doesn’t have the resource to set himself up online, reach out and attract more business. Other companies who are the ‘middlemen’ are good because they allow these people to attract more business but I also feel like these people should have the support and guidance to do it themselves. It makes them more self-efficient and then they can earn more for themselves and be happier having that control. He kept saying about how websites go online and they just are left on there and are outdated. I expressed to him the power of websites and how the world is run now. We google search every single thing before we commit to it and we put too much trust and power in the information we find. I said it was vital he had one that looked good and functions well on all devices and I can provide this service for him. He’s sending me all the details via email. I look forward to working on this then I can improve my development and negotiation skills for further projects.

Networking on LinkedIn

I’ve been networking on LinkedIn. Once I found my passion everything has been falling into place seamlessly. I feel like don’t have to work hard to do anything now, yet I am doing everything. It’s weird! I reached out to Mel from TheBodyProject and she replied with the best email I have ever received from anyone. It’s so thorough and inspiring I just had to speak to her on phone. She agreed to it but then I got stage fright LOL and wasn’t able to verbally express my vision to her. But once we started talking, because she’s so patient and intelligent, she got the jist of the message I was trying to convey. She is an amazing speaker. She is articulate and graceful when she needs to be but also very down to earth. Her tips, guidance and support for my personal growth were so helpful. I downloaded Grammarly to help with my writing as well as schedule in proofreading and editing, I installed google analytics because she said it was important to know my audience and she spoke about what she did to help improve her public speaking which I will have to try myself. Bit by bit I’m piecing this empire together. Her story, her journey was so empowering. I feel like she is someone I can look up to, who can help me put some transparency in my cause. I really want to do a podcast together. I feel like she was empowering me and I want to do that for other people but together. What she has to say is important for everyone to hear. Her business is based on having a workout plan tailored to you. She expresses exercising the correct way safely and healthily. I’ve drafted up some ideas for some topics we can cover.


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