New job: 3 weeks update

O.m.g It’s 6 pm and I’ve already had an afternoon nap.  I went out last night as it was my colleagues birthday. I thought I was O.K, not too drunk… but I ended up waking up in the middle of the night several times to throw up and as it was pitch black and I was super desperate to get to the bathroom quickly… I ran into the wall, knocked myself out and woke up in a puddle of blood. I was so tired I dragged myself back to bed without cleaning myself up so when I woke up in the morning there was blood EVERYWHERE, on me, my bed and the bathroom looked like a murder scene. I’m going to have a huge scar on my face now 🙁

I honestly think I’m allergic to Pizza. One of my workmates mentioned I complained last time we had pizza for lunch and I remembered how much pain I was for the entire next day. I was sweating it out in the bathroom for at least half an hour lol. And the same happened when I had Domino’s pizza. ALSO, when I had uber cheese nachos at the cinema one time I vomited straight after the film. So yeah, we did go to a pizza joint… I think its a combo of too much cheese and wheat. How sad 🙁

So my job.. I don’t even know where to begin. It’s AMAZZING everyone tells me it’s the honeymoon period that lasts for about 2 years. I hated my previous job for the first 6 months then I loved it until the day I left and I was there for almost 3 years so… I think I have low standards and the small, simple things in life make me happy like free food 😛

The past 3 weeks have gone SO quickly. After panicking my first week, I feel like I’m settling in a lot better. I’ve been talking and getting to know my colleages bit by bit. They are all really nice and really freakin smart.  I hope I’ll learn a lot from them.

Work-wise my job is really cool. I play around a lot on app games and then I come up with ideas for a playable mini version of the game for adverts. I storyboard those ideas and direct the developers then I eventually test the product out. It is basically a similar process to my previous job except the stuff I’m working on is 10000000x cooler and more fun. I work with this super cool dude who seems to also love his job *praise de law*. He’s kind of managing me even though he’s the Senior Designer. Not sure why but he’s the one who delegates jobs to me, who I directly go to for anything etc. Out of everyone, I’m so freakin’ grateful I’m working with him. He’s helped me so much and he’s super positive and sooooo chilled. I kept asking him for more work because I finished my tasks but he told me it’s okay it’s my first few weeks I can relax and ease into everything lol. I feel like I’ve been there for ages already!

So far I’ve joined in with every single out of work activity – like a geek lol. I’m such a extra-curricular junkie.

Every week a Yoga instructor comes in so I’ve been doing that for the past 3 weeks in the Kitchen. We also went out for a VR night last Friday where we got to play this game where we fly around and shoot each other. It was SOOOOOOO fun. I really want a VR headset now but I know I won’t play it enough for it to be worth it.

I also went to a movie night we had in our living room and watched Hereditory. Everyone was like telling me how annoying I was for whispering a running commentary throughout the film LOL. It was quite spooky, to begin with but the ending made it less realistic and bought us back to reality.

Someone bought in a dog last week too. I turned up one morning and there was this adorable ickle thing running around. I picked it up and cuddled it. 😍

Oh oh oh and here is the best thing of all…. lunch/breakfast is ordered in 3 times a week. The food is actually gourmet luxury meals like on Friday we had this sexy pie and mash thing. The other weeks I’ve eaten salmon salad, veggie curry and this week I ordered Seafood Pho. We also get a free breakfast and shit ton of snacks and organic hipster drinks in the fridge. Like where am I!!?! This place is the best. My new colleague who started on the same day as me is super nice. She only moved to UK from India about 2 months ago so she’s a proper newbie! She came out with me to this Ladies Wine and Design meetup night on Wednesday. We met a couple of new people and she took down their details. She’s only just moved here 2 months ago from India. I was thinking shit that’s so brave. She told me she’s addicted to this mobile game called PUBG so I’ve downloaded it and I’m just waiting for my phone to charge so I can take a look. I want to play with her but she’s Platinum level so I’m a bit scared about n00bing out in front of her.

Also, pretty much everyone at work is Vegetarian or Vegan or Part-time Veggie. I don’t want to sound sexist but I was like holy shiz as the only 2 vegan’s are guys too. WEehOh0hh0

Then yeah, last night was the first ever drinky-outing as it was someone’s birthday. We went to Voodoo Rays for pizza and frozen margaritas and then some bar in Dalston to boogie.

Photo by Samson Duborg-Rankin on Unsplash


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