First Ever Time Watching Star Wars (Don’t Judge)

House of Vans was playing the Star Wars trilogy in their little cinema room and I embarrassingly had never seen ANY of them so I invited a mate who loved Star Wars to come see it for the millionth time with my first time. My whole life I’ve been beaten up (emotionally) about this and for some reason it just made me overwhelmed that I had missed out all those years and just shut down to the idea altogether completely. I am a big fan of Sci-Fi so I guess it major taboo to love that genre but never to have seen the most famously loved films of all time.

So we managed to get through 2 before I started getting a bit sleepy in a dark room and laying down on comfy cushions. I loved it though! The film was super cutesy so I can see why lots of kids love it and grew up watching it. It felt like it was a constant heroic conquest because of the upbeat music hahaha. I still can’t believe I knew all the names of all the characters but didn’t know who the hell they were. Now I can put a face to all those names (fml)

We took a few funny pictures in the photo booth:

Me & Patrick @ House of Vans
Me & Patrick @ House of Vans

Then we head off to meet Sarah in our ends and eat some Vietnamese food.


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