FRIYAY Returns

I swear every Friday is FRIYAY

No joke, I have the best Friyay every single week. It all started when I was struck awake at 5am by my rabbit and I had this brain surge of a great idea for an interactive promotion at work. Then I proceeded to cook pasta and write up the rest of my pay rise proposal. By the time I had finished, it was 7am, so I sat and did my make up because I was going out that night. I love waking up early.

miDrive Instructor Cancels

I got a text from my driving instructor saying he was no longer working for miDrive which really pissed me off. I replied kindly like no worries good luck in life and contacted MiDrive about my disturbance in lessons. They said they will contact him and convince him to finish my lessons but I was like I don’t trust him as he’s cancelled on me 3 times and once without telling me and twice the night before. I said they should either refund me or give me free lessons because it takes ages to get accustomed to a new instructor as they need to figure out my ability. I wanted them to reimburse the 4 lessons I’ had but they kept saying no. I continued arguing my point how I was the one losing out not them so they ended up giving me 2 free lessons to test the water with my new instructor. Their customer service was really good and they had implemented all the functionality ideas I had mentioned in my last post. I’m almost wondering did they read my blog lol.

Woolwich Street Feast

I’m on my way to Woolwich Street Feast which is a pop up night food market that will be there for 2 years. Finally, Woolwich has its first taste of hipster-gentro and me and my friends are excited. Yes gentro is awful but us new gens are from the area and surviving pretty well. Okay, it’s a bit selfish of me to say that but at least it pumps money and livelihood into a grim area – plus its 15 minutes walk from my flat!!!!!!!!!!

Woolwich Street Feast Woolwich Street Feast Woolwich Street Feast Sarah & Sophie

Work Bonus Review

Work was awesome as per usual. I was terrified because I had my bonus reviews but I prepared a 2-page document to support how well I think I am doing and where I’d like to improve. This time my manager was sooooooo supportive!  I told him all the things I wanted to improve on and he gave a lot of useful advice on how to grow and develop my technical skills and business skills. Then I tried to ask for a pay rise with my supporting 3-page document and I feel like the tone changed. Im wondering whether salary discussion is truly out of his reach as I felt like I was fighting a losing battle before I had even opened my mouth or passed the letter along. It made me anxious.

I had lunch with my work bae Simi and, like usual, our hour together went soooo quick. We always have so much to say mainly about business and boys hahahaha. So funny. It makes me excited to share the things we find and learn whilst we’re working on our own very different projects. She actually gets everything i talk about.

LinkedIn Networking

I reached out to my old school friend on LinkedIn as he runs a business and his link was broken on the event he was trying to sell tickets for. His business interested me because it’s in Fintech which is the leading paid industry for designers and developers. I had about 1000 questions I asked which he answered very thoroughly. I felt grateful he took the time to answer each one and the information he provided was so bloody useful. He asked if I wanted to meet up and discuss my ideas further.  His journey is so interesting and really helpful so I’m going to arrange a business meeting at my workplace and prepare loads of questions. I said in my earlier blog post how I felt isolated and alone. Reaching out is the perfect way to push my project forward, learn, develop and see how they got to where they are now. My friend Simi told me the best thing to do is to see what the leading people in the industry are doing and copy them. I agree with this but I have also found it so helpful in just reaching out to people I know managing to do their own thing. It’s a more personal vibe that’s honest and helpful.
I don’t know whether to record the conversation for my podcast or just ask him questions for my own benefit. I will have a think and ask others.

After a full day of being nervous, we had our usual Friday drinks. I went to catch up with Emma who’s going to Shri Lanka for 2 Weeks!!!!!! I’m so jealous I wish I could go too. She got Chris to run to Tesco’s and get us 5 packets of crisps and dip LOL he wasn’t even eating any of it. Me and her demolished about 4 sharing bags between up 😐 I caught up with her as we’ve got a sick summer and year planned ahead and yeh I’ve had such a manic week. I’m on my way to Woolwich Marketplace Night Food market to meet my girlfriends.


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