Gallery Day Out with Egle & Lucy

Okay today was amazing. I know I say this everyday but today was just so fun. I’m siting here in bodega negra writing this because everyone’s gone to the toilet and I’m keeping myself occupied.

This morning I woke up bloody hungover, dying and so thirsty then realised I had my Driving Theory test which fucked me up I haven’t revised properly in the past week. I was revising before but I kept forgetting and I was distracted by illness, my holiday and so I was nervous. I set off on my way but I got off at the wrong train station but I got there eventually lol and then did my test. I was kinda shook I didn’t think I would pass because I didn’t revise properly and I wasn’t sure for some of the questions. I got my results back and I failed. I felt really sad but I only failed by 3 points so I think if I did it again and revised properly I will pass. I’m going to rebook the test again the next available time as I feel more confident I know what the test entails now.

After I went to meet Egle and Lucy in Greenwich and then Egle was lovely enough to plan our whole day out for us. We went to some gallery in Peckham which was well cool the artwork was a bit morbid but it couldn’t stop making me laugh because me and Egle kept over analysing everything like “it looks like 2 penises” and Lucy would see it for what it is like “guys that’s feet from birds eye perspective” loooool.

There was a point when we were talking about babies as you do at aged 27 and how we’re all not ready and can’t ever imagine being ready. Lucy kept throwing out banging one liners like “When I was 16. I use to think yeh yeh maybe some day. I’m now at that later point in life and I still feel the same like yeh yeh maybe some day and then I think when is that some day going to be?” I was rofling all over the gallery man but I can 100% relate to that. Everyone is starting to settle, getting married, having babies and I’m here like: HEY I’m single, I’m fucked up but I’m having the time of my life struggling every day. So I’m like a baby? Ya what? I haven’t even gotten to stage 1 of staying in a healthy relationship yet. That shit is like a 10 levels above my current XP capacity. AND then Lucy threw out another banger she was like “I know when I get that feeling of wanting kids I know I will want them. It’s like when I had this feeling like a HUGE urge I really really really wanted…… Guinea pigs. I had to have them”. Me and Egle just looked at her like “You What? a huge urge to want… Guinea Pigs??@@@!!??” We thought she was going to say a baby, or a house, or even a new car but she said GUINEA PIGS. We was hooting man. HOOTIN N TOOTIN’

We went to White Cube after which was surprisingly interesting; they had this big bright room with a drum and bass DJ (I love dnb) and loads of bright colourful artwork and a video of a contemporary dance performance – everyone was completely naked of course 😂

We all talked so much caught up on every thing talked about our hobbies our lives our work and our friends. It was such lovely weather too and I didn’t realise how much I missed my school friends until now. We barely see eachother and it’s sad but we all had so much going on the past few years trying to find our way and settle and living in different areas.

Anyways, after we went to Bodega Negra for dinner. It wasn’t intended we just walked past and saw it had possible space. It’s impossible to eat anywhere in Soho area it’s just so packed it makes me sad. Our meal was banging I had a soft shell crab burger and chips. We were laughing and living our best lives and the waiter was such a joker he was so happy and clearly loved his job. We cracked a few laughs with him and he offered us to spin some wheel in there? We all won a drink for £1 I got a margarita cocktail of course looooool. Then when I got up another waiter noticed my tattoo and asked me to see it. I was a bit like “why?” Then he showed me his!!!! He had a tattoo on his forearm too of the characters in Princess Mononoke !! I was laughing so much and so happy to find he had a similar tattoo I took a photo of it straight away haha. Then he came over to talk to me asking where I was from and told me about Another Ghibli film I hadn’t heard of and so when I get home I’m going to check it out! I thought I had seen most/all of them!

Princess Mononoke Tattoo
Princess Mononoke Tattoo

We had such a good time man like I feel grateful that my life is my life and I am who I am. I feel lucky to always have these awesome people around me. Lucy and Egle are such super smart, clocked on girls where I feel like I can talk about anything in the world and they will have an opinion or want to know more and vice versa. They’re mostly so honest too which is refreshing .I love topics rich in feelings, knowledge, wonder and passion and I love surface level superficial topics about make up, fashion and boys too. I love the balance of them both. They both tell me about so many things I don’t know about and introduce me to new ideas and their interests. My friends are smart, curious, interesting, creative, supportive, thougtful and kind people. This is what draws me to all my super fucking awesome friends yeaaaaaa!

After we decided to go meet loads of other people at Ain’t no other blues bar or whatever it was called. The whole entire squad was there which was so nice to catch up. There was a live band but I could barely hear them or see them because it was so packed. Sarah bought her new bf Will bought his gf and Howell bought her bf and Lewis turned up. I was nervous to meet Calvin (Sarah’s bf) as I really want him to like me but it was so loud we couldn’t talk properly. He seemed so quiet shy and lovely hopefully I will meet him again soon and get to know him better. I know how important he is to Sarah and I want him to feel comfortable around us.

We had more chats about life and everything going on and just living our best lives but I got a headache and decided to go home.

I swear everyday something awesome happens.

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