Day 1 in Sardinia: Getting to Cagliari from Olbia

Olbia looked beautiful but I didn’t get to see it much as I am planning to explore it on my way home.

My workmate is from Sardinia so he suggested to go to the main city, Cagliari, which he loves. I was going to go Cala Gonone but the travel there was long winded, limited and broken up so I thought I’d miss it out and go straight to Cagliari as the trains are direct. It’ll give me an excuse to come back when I can drive 🙂

I bought my train ticket for Olbia to Cagliari from (the company is actually Trenitalia) but you can easily jus get a ticket at the train station from the machines – they SHOUT “BEWARE OF THIEVES!!!!” at you in English lol – you can also get a ticket from the people working there. i wanted sure how it worked so I booked my Iin advanced incase. My train was at 8.07am and I got there at 11.35am so it was about 3 hours long journey.

I got on my train and some girl sat opposite me. She asked about WIFI then looked at me (being Chinese and all with a suitcase) she asked where I was from and assumed it was China 😂. Then she asked to borrow a mirror to do her make up and then she was like “actually I just used the mirror as an excuse to talk to you I want to improve my English for my job”. LOL so I gave her my mirror and we got chatting. She was a Sardinian local, who was 23 years old and worked on a Boat for rich people as a bar maid. She said she loved learning languages and talking to foreigners to learn about their culture, way of living and different mindsets. She was so confident and pretty jokes 😂🙈
After a couple of hours talking she had given me LOADS of banging tips and a mini Italian lesson.

She gave me her Facebook, Instagram and said to get in contact when i come back Olbia and left whilst I still had 2 more hours left of my journey.

When I got to Cagliari, Rachel, the girl I had met on the train, instructed me to look for the bus stop just outside with the ticket machines and get a bus pass. I’m bare lazy so obvy I got the bus pass. I should have bought 3 for each of the days I’m there because now I can’t seem to find another ticket station FML.

It took another 40 minutes to get to Hostel Sardinia.

My hostel was soooo sick everything was really nicely decorated, rustic and recycled. There were loads of fun things to play in the common room like a sewing machine, piano, play station Xbox lol. I didnt need to leave the place 😂

I was starving when I got there but they didn’t offer food so they took me next door to a tiny little Italian food place and I had some mussels couscous dish and a make shift veggie burger lmao. The guy and lady who owned it were husband and wife. They asked my name and introduced themselves as Paulo and Lisa xD

It was about 2pm by now, I had checked in, eaten and decided I was going to head off to the beach

I bathed at Poetto beach for the past few hours it was such a huge ass lush beach :O the sea was glistening. I had such a comfy spot as i had my blow up camping bed with me. Anyone camps or beaches a lot this tiny blow-up camping bed rolls up to the size of a shoe and blows up in seconds!!!! It’s thick enough to cushion all your bits and is so comfy and portable.

The clouds came out so I set on my way to the art museum. I stopped off on the hill at a cafe on my way because I got the munchies. Bought a sandwich and coconut chocolate ice cream. Barely anyone spoke English but Italian kind of sounds like Spanish (excuse my ignorance) so I’m getting by especially after my crash course in Italian that Rachel gave me earlier 😂🤘🏼 I know how to say vegetarian/vegetables now so there’s no sneaky Pollo and Carnes in my food. Everyones been super helpful anyways most of them turn you the nearest young person to help tranalate. Ive found that most under the age of 30 know drips and drags of English but anyone older…it’s a lottery. When I say thank you they keep mimicking me lmao I’ve started eyes to say Gratzi instead in an awful accent 😭

[…later on that day]

I’m completely knackered. It’s only 9pm and I just got back and I’m cracking on with the Sichuan website. The art museum was shut when I got there so I went to the National History museum for Archaeology it was actually really interesting. They showed a lot about some SAINT Called Elsia? And Nora and the issues they had with Christians. I walked around the museum in the wrong order so excuse me if I’m getting the history/names wrong LOL.

I walked through some pretty park nearby and then called it a day.

Today was sooooo nice and chill.



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