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Is Benas Surf Camp/School

Day 4 in Sardinia: Getting to Is Benas Surf Camp

I got up at the crack of dawn again, had my usual cappuccino and croissant and chocolate brekkie banger and set off to Cagliari town centre to catch my train to Oristano for Surf camp!!!!!  I got there too late, missed my train lols thankfully they come every half hour and the ticket covers 4 hours after the time you buy for. Praise de lawd!

The train took 2 hours and I got cracking with editing images and working on the Gallery page for the SiChuan website I’m working on. I finally got to Oristano and it was HOT and humid. The buses here are also run by ARST but it wasn’t tstraightforwardward. There were no bus times up so I walked towards the only buses parked. I used all the Italian I could muster from the past 3 days here which most likely didnt make any sense. “Dove Putzu Idu”. I managed to get “Centro” and change.

Waiting for the 418 bus that never came

The first bus took me close to the town centre as I was watching it on google maps then I got off at some motorway lmao. I found the approximate area of the 418 I needed but there were no bus stops or anything so I assumed I had to stand here 😳 the area was called the same as the bus stop name. Eventually, I found a faded bus parking box where I stood and waited. No bus came. I started getting anxious and then the same bus driver who dropped me off was already making his return rounds he felt sorry for me so picked me up and dropped me closer into town lols. Then I waited another hour and no bus was to be seen. There were only 4 buses for 418 per day and I figured it probably wasn’t running on a Sunday 😭 another bus came – line 10 – and I asked the guy and he shook his head so yeah I guess there were no 418 buses lol. So I found a taxi number online. I told him I was at the ARST station. I realised I wasn’t at the main ARST station. Freaking out, I called back and found the street name I was on and told him that one instead. I hoped they would find me 😭😭😭😭😭
Then half an hour later I get a WhatsApp message from the Taxi driver Max saying they had an issue with the car and they’ll be with me at 1.50pm! I sent him my current map location. Thank goodness for WhatsApp and technology 😂 I got out the train tation at 12pm and I’ve been loitering around this motorway area ever since.. completely clueless at what’s going on 😂🤧😬

Is Benas Surf Club

I finally got to the beach house and OMG I would never have gotten here via public transport no way. There are NO buses nearby 😂😳 it’s in a field in the middle of nowhere! It’s the only building for miles LOL. It’s proper in the countryside and secluded. The taxi driver gave me his card for when I “ritorno” – he knew … lmao
Is Benas Surf Club

Is Benas Surf Club

The building looked a bit like a self-built house for a farm but when you went inside…it was soooooo sick. There were loads of surfboards all up on the walls and ceilings and a games consoles and fun looking stuff. It really did look like a beach house 😍 it was empty and there was no one about except the cleaner so she called Alex, the instructor guy, who said I could show myself to my room lol. I guess no one works on Sundays 😂
Is Benas Surf Camp/School

Is Benas Surf Camp/School

I went to my shared room. had a shower and went and chilled on my patio. 10 minutes in a lady popped out onto her patio next to mine and said hi and introduced herself. She was from Germany and had been surfing for a week and today was her last day.
Is Benas Surf Club

Is Benas Surf Club

We got chatting and she offered to take me and show me around at the beach, I kinda wanted to go to the grocery store and buy snacks and then go to a restaurant to eat something hot but you 10000% needed a car to get anywhere. The roads were country roads only for cars. I agreed to come with her and she said she’d show me around and explained what kinda stuff I have to look forward to. So I waited for my neighbour and we went to the beach.
It’s sooooooo pretty here and a completely different vibe to the previous places. It’s surrounded by Red rocks and red cliffs and the beach is soooo flat next to the sea! It was a bit like Lake Tahoe with Hawaii vibes.
Spiaggia di Putzu Idu

Spiaggia di Putzu Idu

I forgot the ladies name but she went really far away to some cliff to sunbathe, told me where she was going to be and to look for her when I’m done. I’ve just found the only restaurant. It just stopped serving food so I had some leftover rice where I had to pick the sausage out and this alcoholic Whisky Tiramisu. I’m currently chilling sipping on some delicious Aperol Spritz again having a writing sesh 🙂 my drink is so refreshing but it’s made me realise how freaking strong the one I had at that Alternative pub was. I went for another ice cream as well lol. Double dessert part 2 the sequel.
My diet so far has consisted of carbs, chocolate and alcohol 😭 but I am so happy so it’s okay
There’s no way of me getting back after so I have to go and attempt to find that lady. I’m too scared to sunbathe today because I’m reaaaaaaalllllyy freaking burnt. I need to find somewhere to rent a bike or Vespa. I shall most likely have a good nights rest tonight ready to start surf school tomorrow
[Later on that night…]
Jeebus FREAKIN CHRIST I went to go find the woman from the Hostel but I couldn’t find her. I walked along all the beach up to the point where she would be and nada… I got shook so I asked someone where I could rent a bike to get back but it was hard to communicate once again and my google maps don’t work so I just tried to walk along the road. It was so country-side there were no pedestrian paths. I got shook so I decided to try and hitchhike a ride and stuck my thumb out standing by the motorway lmao. 10 minutes past no one was stopping and eventually, a hippy family stopped and gave me a lift back to the hostel. PHEW JEEPERS
Is Benas Surf Club

This random cat keeps pressing my keyboard LOL

I sat and needed to chill after a long day. I know I started writing this blog post with the intention you don’t need a car but in all these scenarios a car would have been fab thanks! The Surf Club is off on the beaten track literally in the middle of nowhere I didn’t realise it was so remote. Anyhow, the people at the hostel are so freakin’ friendly. Everyone keeps introducing themselves. I feel bad as they invited me to go for food but I just need time alone before Surf school starts tomorrow morning! I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!
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