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Human Experience Meet Up

I had reached out to M on Linked as he had an error in the link for his website he posted on his Eventbrite event. I sent it with a bunch of questions about his business as I was curious about his google ad words and had loads of random business related questions. He seemed to be very established with talkers from well-known companies speaking at his UX event. He replied with SUPER helpful information – I got too hyped and replied with more questions because he answered them so well lol so he said we could meet up for a coffee to chat more. His conferences are one of the UK’s biggest UX conference organisers. I totally agreed, invited him to my workplace and then he blanked me for a month. He suddenly responded saying sorry he thought he had replied (seemed like a busy person) and gave me his number. I texted when I knew I had free time and we set up to meet Wednesday. He told me one of his clients was having  HX event at his office block (It’s a WeWork one) and there were free pizza and drinks!

I got there and he came out with his big ass AWESOME husky and then went upstairs to the event. I was kind of shook. There were loads of people and they made me put a name badge on with where I worked too… it was a proper chilled but shmoozy kinda atmosphere. I’m not the type to use where I work to gloat? I gloat about the perks and how fun it is but I mean it’s not Google lol. So I was a bit like ehhhh. I told M I’ve never networked before and he told me this is the best place to be and to get Networking…I told him again I was nervous so we went to his desk area to have some chat and to catch up which is what I wanted. I had loads of questions I wanted to ask him that I wrote down in a notebook lmao. I told him about my podcast and asked if he wanted to appear on it and he said he would but now I’m not so sure. I managed to ask a couple of questions and catch some of the presentations which were behind the “Psychology of UX” and importance of Personas and the responses of clients in creating and building a better product. It was really interesting as I’m currently on a UI/UX course at City Lit college and we had just covered Personas.

Then he said we should network and I was terrified so he kind of did a pep talk and I downed the rest of my Cider and approached a girl walking around on her own…

This girl worked at Photobox as some sort of usability community manager thing. She was definitely in a squad of introverts because as I got talking all of her work buddies came over and started asking me loads of questions. I’m more interested in their work and their lives, not my life lol. She ended up telling me how she got to where she was now and likes a change in scenery every now and then and still isn’t sure it’s what she wants to do and so that’s why she was there. IT was pretty interesting getting to know strangers – they’re all very….un-approaching but when YOU put in the effort to speak to them they’re super friendly and open. Then I spotted M talking to some people so I walked up to them and started speaking. I have found… as soon as I start talking I really dominate the conversation. I’m not even the one talking the most but I guess when I concentrate on asking one person questions everyone fades away? It’s weird. I need to work on group dynamics. Anyways I got talking to a Product Designer for Hotels.com who was super cool we started laughing about random shit and she told me her whole life story how she got to where she was, showing me photos of her workplace. She seemed SUPER excited about her job and her job role. She told me how hard it is ATM for Mapping at her workplace and I told her about how annoying I thought Airbnb maps was with not showing ALL of the available homes. She got out her app and showed me similar issues with Hotels mapping. It was pretty interesting. She gave me loads of tips on being a contractor. I might actually look into it. I was thinking about moving onto another inhouse but I’m attempted to contact agencies and try and line some work up then leave. The main issue I am worried about is my mortgage so I’m planning on saving up some Ps so I can afford to not work for at least 3 months – just in case I don’t find work. I don’t have ANY savings what so ever. I’m actually skint. Literally, £0 to my name. I’m actually in negative funds because I’m using my credit card… so I’m in debt :S I need to start going back to living within my means… it’s just I keep buying workshops, learning shit, paying people from People Per Hour and eating out grrr. It might take the rest of this year to work towards that goal lol.

Life Goals

I watched this Video about how to be successful and it talks about short term and long term goals. It says 3..but I’m going to turn it into 1 so it’s manageable so it said to have: 1 daily goal… 1 weekly goal.. 1 monthly…1 every 3 months and 1 for 6 months, 1 year, 3 years and then 5 years.

My daily goal would most likely be to complete that day’s work in my job.

My weekly goal would be to work on writing one article for Train My Bunny per week.

My monthly goal is not to overspend my pay and rack up more debt on my credit card. I want to try and save £200 a month after I pay off my credit card.

My tri-monthly goal would be to take my mum out somewhere nice and new that she’s never done/been before.

My goal for every 6 months would be to keep updating my portfolio website.

My main goal for this year is to learn how to drive.

My 3-year goal is to live and work abroad.

My 5-year goal is to get to a Senior/Managerial position in my career.

My 10-year goal is to find someone I love and settle down.

My dreams in life? The one that I don’t think I can obtain but in an ideal world? It’s to make money helping people. I want to find a way to inspire, motivate and encourage people to diminish self-doubt because no one deserves to feel unworthy. If you have 2 options to live life happy or to live your life sad which one would you choose? It’s all in the mind. There are circumstances that we can not avoid (like abuse, family affairs) but if we learn how to deal with them and feel connected to others we can work through these hurdles. It’s a very 1st world problem but that doesn’t make it any less of a problem. It’s important to me because I know if everyone around me is happier the environment is positive, happier and lighter; that makes me happy.

If I can make money doing this from anywhere in the world then I can travel, explore and not have to worry about financial stability and surviving in this very expensive world. I don’t care about money itself I care about the value it brings to my life in terms of travel, experiences andknowledge. This world is run on money, status and visual appearance so I can not live this idealist bohemian anti-establishment way of thinking that I crave so much. I want to use the system to do good.

Train My Bunny Updates

I started talking to S about my project. He works in CRM at work but studied Marketing. I didn’t tell him much about it to begin with as I was just asking him general questions on how to build traffic, build a community and engagement but the stuff he came out with was SOOOO HELPFUL. I don’t even think he even realised. He’s super smart, knowledgeable in the subject and a quick thinker. He gave me a brief outline of what a viable social media marketing plan would be like. He said to first have short-term content that’s relayed out every 1-3 days which would only take about 15 minutes to create to increase awareness about the brand and show that you’re ‘alive’; people like the new content it gives them a reason to follow you. Then I would need some long term content which is like an Infographic that will take a while to create but it will create a slower but steadier following. When I put it out there it will slowly be shared around and stick on the internet because the information is valuable.

In my previous post, I said about feeling like I wasted money, by paying someone else for content which I know I could write if I had the time. He said it was Time Vs Money. So if I truly lack the motivation and time then it was wise of me to pay for someone else to do it and the money isn’t wasted because I’ve still got the content. He made me feel a lot better about “editing” the writing too because he said it’s MY blog so obviously, they’re not going to write it exactly how I want it. I was too worried I was micromanaging or being over controlling. As for growing a community, he suggested I go on Quora and answer bunny questions. It’s a huge ass platform that ranks well on google and he said a lot of people who know a lot about a certain subject go there for the feedback loop and to gain a following – some people input links where more info can be found and I can do that for TMB once I get enough content online. I GOT TOO SYKED!!! This guy is pure genius.

We also started drafting ideas how to get free bunny images. At the moment I’m trying forums and the photos they send me are from Instagram which is too grainy and look like they’ve been taken on a phone, which they have done. So, he said I could target Vets and animal shelter places and ask to take photos for them as well as keep the Bunny ones for my website? I said maybe I should pretend I want to adopt the rabbit and just steal a photo and say “I”ll let you know” lol. I also told L about needing photos and she got her mum to send me loads of REALLY GOOD photos! I might ask if she wants to contribute more. She sent me loads of information about rabbits I could ask if she wanted to write some articles for my website. She’s legit informative, articulate and follows bunny care by the books – it’d be nice but I need to sit down when I have time to write her a proper email – maybe later today. I’m going to clean the flat, then go to the gym then go to a TEDx talk and then probably back to work. I guess I could do it then. YES it is Sunday… but surely that’s just another day in a week to get shit done?



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