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Floral Headband

I Make & Sell Floral Festival Headbands!

Get them from here:

Spring is nearly here… well sort of! and I’ve been getting a lot of hairband sales on ASOS Marketplace! I’ve been selling these headbands for over 2 years now. I initially saw them at various festivals I went to selling for up to £10 so I decided to find out how to make my own. After a lot of compliments and asking “where did you get that from” I started making and selling them online. If you’re interested I sell them on the ASOS Marketplace. and I sell them on my website Dirtytrinkets.com  for a lot less as I don’t pay ASOS commission! They range from £2.50 – £6.50 depending which website you buy them from!

They are all completely and lovingly hand made by me using floristry and card making materials and my intertwining double band design is completely unique and you wont find another quite like it online 🙂

They are also made with flexible wire so you can adjust to sizing and if it’s too big for you just make little waves in the wire! I love them as they’re so summery and pretty and are so easy to accessorise with! I also make matching bracelets (£2.50) and rings (£1.50) to go with them..

These don’t cost much and are also completely unique and designed and made by me 🙂

Get them from here:
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