Last day in Waikiki – Aloha Kauai

I’m sad that I’m already halfway through my travels and I am also sad I haven’t blogged about it until now but better late than never!

This morning I booked a 2 hour surf lesson with Hans Hedemann Surf school a minutes walk away from my hostel at Waikiki. I’m happy to say it was the most fun I’ve had all week they really do garantee to get you surfing super quick. I stood up on my first attempt and it was fun, fun, fun from then on. My surf instructor was super nice but definitely hit on me quite a bit but it was just funny flirty jokes which kept making me laugh; he asked for my instagram and you can never get enough instagram followers LOL. I also I met a gorgeous Peruvian girl on holiday with her boyfriend and family who decided to solo lesson it and we’ve kept in contact on facebook as she has welcomed me over anytime!

I left Waikiki at 2pm for Kauai Island. I decided to public transport to my hostel and I can safety say it is possible despite there only being like 1 road and it being quite remote. The weather and sea here also looks a bit more grey compared to Honolulu but in return it’s more beautiful in greenery, peaceful and less touristy!

So far I’ve been here for 3 hours and I’ve gone to Kmart, played a bit of Call of Duty on the PS4 in the living area which was random. I’m terrible. Just now I’ve been talking to 2 girls in my dorm who met in Honolulu and decided to travel here together. They’re driving and then hiking to Hanakapalai tomorrow and have invited me along. It looks insane there’s a beach and then a hike trail to a beautiful waterfall I really can’t wait and I can’t believe that happened in the space of 10 minutes of ¬†asking how long they have been here for!

In so excited for tomorrow morning I can’t sleep so I decided to write my first entry of my travels. Wish I could talk about the awesome month I’ve had so far. Hopefully those memories will stay with me!




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