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Digital Piano Music Illustration

Last Piano Lesson of the Term

Wow. I’m just on my way home from my last piano lesson of the term. Then it’s Easter break!!!! Wooohoooo. Piano is so fun!!! I was in such a stinky mood today because I’m coming on and ive been socialising way too much via text. Everyone at work kept commenting on how quiet I was. Pisss offffff 😂🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

Piano Lessons

My piano lessons are without a doubt the best thing I have signed up for this year. I do not regret trading Jewellery Workshops for it. I love learning pieces, playing them, improving, hearing myself play songs. I’m really tight on cash at the moment and have been practising on a 32 key midi keyboard from the 90s lol. I can’t wait for my next paycheck so I can afford a proper 88 key digital piano 😍 it will be my paycheck treat! I’ve done 10 lessons now and it’s definitely something I’m going to carry on learning for as long as I enjoy doing it. Haruko, my amazing teacher, played Chopin. I’ve never heard her play before; I nearly cried. My eyes swelled up it was beautiful she was just enigmatic. I can’t even explain it 😭😭😭😭 Listening to it and seeing her so passionate makes me want to be as good as her. I’m taking my mum to her concert in May and I’m super excited!!! She’s playing Beethoven and other classic bangers!
I want to get better at the piano so I can play beautiful music to myself. Classical music is a blessing. All forms of art are blessings because it’s a unique gift humans have given back to the world.

As soon as I get my work bonus I am enrolling in all the classes I’ve been wanting to attend but couldn’t afford to because I kept travelling. This year I’m travelling less.

The bloody public speaking workshop got cancelled!!!! I’m so pissed as i was looking forward to it on Saturday!!! I’m enrolling in the one next term. So far I’ve got my eye on a UI UX course. I also want to learn Ruby on Rails. Life is just so fun 🙃☺.

Project Progress

I’ve written my first ever article for www.trainmybunny.com. The first of many. I’ve got to start somewhere!
I’ve also filmed my first Tutorial following video (it’s shit but I’m going to upload it anyway). I’ve
Got a new YouTube Channel. Not sure what to call it but my desk buddy called me Beta Becca. Which is a sick name! I was thinking Alpha Bexa or Alphabex or Alpha Bexa Gamma Delta or Beta Bexa or Bexa Beta. I might ask xisto forums. Hehe
4 more days until I’m going to Mel’s for our Podcast Pilot. I’m calling it The Meta Podcast (Metapod cast is taken lol) after Pokemon but also because Meta means “from within” and Meta looks like Beta 😂.

By the looks of it! I’ve got a pretty busy year ahead!!!!! Finally, I’ve lived my crazy life and I can settle and work on my projects.

Nearly 3 months of no social media

Apart from feeling isolated, alone at times. I feel fucking great!!!!!!! Before I was never in the moment snapping away. Spending all my free time scrolling….Now I just spend all my free time doing the 100001 hobbies I love to do, blogging and doing my own thing. I love my life, my friends, my hobbies, my job, my mum and my adorable pet!!!

I wonder if other people have things they do that make them go “numb” and “in the zone” you know where you’re in limbo. It’s so peaceful.
I’ve found that piano, painting, coding/doing web stuff and jewellery design puts me in that mode. 😊

Computer Help Volunteering

I saw my H, who I help with the computer, last night. She’s freakin hilarious I love her. I was cracking up and she thinks I’m in a better mood because of a new man. I didn’t tell her how much I flopped it 😅😇 ah wells. She’s so smart in 1 hour she managed to learn how to scan an image in and how to find it and then attach it to an email. I told her it’s hard and it is hard!!! My mum doesn’t even know how to get onto her email lol. She was shocked at how easy it was. I’m so proud of her!!!!!! She’s so curious too I never noticed until now. She asks me 10001 questions even I don’t know answers too and she even asked for homework 😳😂

I felt a bit shit today but after listing out all the awesome stuff I do all the time I’m thinking HOW can I ever be sad!!!! 😊☺👊🏼

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