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Lee Stafford Hair Products Review

Lee Stafford Hair Products Review: Split Ends Serum, Hair Repair & Hair Growth Treatment

I got these 3 Lee Stafford hair growth products on offer for £12 at Boots. They dragged me into their little palms got me to spend over £10 on hair products…. actually to think of it… I think I got my boyfriend to buy these for me.  I wanted to see how they faired on my thick, wirey, Asian hair as I’ve been bleaching it blonde then dying it PINK for the past year so the ends are chipping off.

Lee Stafford Hair Products Review

Lee Stafford Hair Products Review

Lee Stafford is an award-winning celebrity hairdresser from the UK. He has a range of hair products which are in the iconic Fuschia pink packaging.

I bought these products:

  1. The Split Ends Serum
  2. Repair & Build Hair Treatment
  3. Hair Growth Treatment

Packaging/Product Design

Whoever invented sticky caps should die.  Looking at it from a designers point of view made my eyes sore. Why would you do this to someone? Furthermore, the fact the hair treatment stuff was in a pot and not in a bottle/something with a pump was annoying as when I got it out in the shower  I sometimes grab too much or too little and it’s very hard to not get water in the pot and it’s very unhygienic. I would put this in a pump.


I usually feel like hair growth stuff is a massive placebo thing but I tend to buy into it for some reason.  To be honest my hair has grown 2 inches since Christmas. How do I know this? I got 2 inches cut off and now it’s pretty much grown back to the length it was before my haircut. 

1. The Split Ends Serum

This stuff doesn’t make my dry ends feel moisturised. It smooths it out slightly but my hair has been through too much dye damage to regain ANY moisture at all. I can’t blame my frazzled hair considering it claims to smooth it out and doesn’t. I think this product is a waste of money considering it costs about £10 for a tiny bottle of it.


2. Repair & Build Treatment

Only been using this for a few weeks. The smell isn’t too good… not as nice as the other Lee Stafford stuff. The texture is also different where the repair treatment is very shiny and gummy this feels like it has a lot of fibres in it and is white in colour. It’s easy to apply and my hair is very long so I need a walnut-sized amount. I have to admit I wasn’t expecting much but my hair definitely feels softer. Only downfall is that it makes my scalp slightly itchy and makes it twinge – allergic reaction? The condition of my hair improved but I really don’t think this is anything but a really expensive hair conditioning treatment. My hair is very elasticity… meaning I can pull and stretch it like bubblegum when wet … I was hoping that this treatment would fix that but it hasn’t nor has any of the other products. I don’t like it as much as the hair growth treatment because of the smell and the texture and the itch. My hair has been growing quite a bit so something must be working or does my hair just naturally grow that fast? I have no idea.


3. Hair Growth Treatment

I’ve been using this for 2 months now in conjunction with my Mane N Tail shampoo + conditioner and I have to say it smells great and makes my hair incredibly manageable as opposed to my knotty dry hair. It detangles AND makes my hair so so shiny! I’m not sure why you have to use it in between shampoo + conditioner but it definitely softens my hair a lot and makes it look extremely healthy! I have found that it really does work! Before I started using this I shed a lot of hair and it would get stuck in the plug hole but after using this for a month there was a significant decrease in hair-in-plug-hole!!! Definitely, worth the £8 it costs as it lasted me about 2-3 months and it allows me to use less conditioner! Pot is completely empty now and I definitely want to repurchase this one more than the repair treatment. This is by far the best product out of the 3.


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