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Lesson 5: New Driving Instructor

My past driving instructor was SO UNRELIABLE. He was an awesome instructor, very critical and explained every single step, reasoned why and made sure I understood. He was really invested and super picky. I find this important whilst driving. I was annoyed that miDrive flopped him. They promised me they would work with him to continue my lessons so I had no disturbances but I told them that if he didn’t want to do it… we can’t force him to. It will only end with him being annoyed at me and affecting my lessons. Plus he might suddenly quit again! They provided me with 2 free lessons (after arguing) and a new instructor called Martin.

First Lesson with New Instructor

I woke up at 7am this morning and got ready for my first driving lesson. Martin rang me saying he was outside. I checked and he was 17 minutes late. This is fine BUT it’s eating into my driving time which is money. I HATE wasting money. I got there and he seemed fine. I drove around for an hour, I parked the car, started drove off, drove in the dual carriageway, got to gear 5, I drove around round🚗abouts. I got off to a rocky start as usual as I need to get used to it for a bit but it seemed okay. He said I needed to work on my steering and to not drive into the parked cars. I HAVE THIS ISSUE EVERY TIME. I think I need to look or have a better concept of space. It’s very hard for me and I’ve struggled with this with every instructor. I don’t know what it is but I keep driving into other cars 🙁 IT’s the same when I walk. I need to look up how to avoid this and get some space awareness I can’t keep doing this otherwise I’m going to crash the car one day.

My Drive

My driving instructor wasn’t very….there. He kept going on his phone and eating something in a bag LOL. He’s not as critical as the other instructor yet he does tell me what I do wrong. He doesn’t walk me step by step through every little thing we’re doing , like Richard, but he did ask me “What is this?” “What is that” and tests me on whatever I need to know. There was a point where I was a bit like “this is dodge” was when we were in an area that told us to drive 5MPH and I was on 10MPH and he told me “not to worry” I think…  I should think about those things and keep in line with the rules despite what he says. Then he showed me a way of how to control the gear stick and I tried it out and my arm felt like it was being bent the wrong way so I told him I will do it how it feels most comfortable for me. Maybe it will change with time when I get more comfortable.  He said that was fine. I’ve had 3 instructors now they all teach me different things and different ways so I’m like some of these things I don’t HAVE to do because they’re not beneficial for me it’s just a ‘method’ of things. Richard was so anal about everything and Martin seems more relaxed which makes me feel relaxed. Although, there were a few points when I nearly drove into the cars and crashed his wing mirror.  He panicked and grabbed my steering wheel. Maybe that will make him pay more attention to me driving from now on. Lol. Its my left eye I swear it’s dodgey. I can’t seem to see the cars on the left-hand side.


We stopped off and parked at some place because the back window was really dusty. The weather IS beautiful today so yeah the dust particles were glistening in the sun and I asked if he could wipe it because I couldn’t see through the glitter. He cleaned it. Then he asked me if we could make up 30 minutes this week and end this lesson at 10.30am. He had a student who really wanted a lesson before his driving exam so I said O.K but you have only given me 1 hour of the lesson, not 1.30 hours. He was shocked. I showed him my phone, the time I called him, and pointed out it was 20 minutes after 9 so technically I only had a 1-hour lesson and he was a bit like “OHHH” and said we can make up whatever time we missed. I asked if he could cancel it on miDrive and rebook and he said he can’t. So I agreed to have an extra lesson later for 1 hour instead of adding it to the next lesson because he might forget/come late again. I explained to him that my previous instructor canceled just before the lesson, didn’t turn up or tell me the lesson was canceled and then bailed on me after 4 lessons. I told him how much disturbance this has caused me and I have had a really bad previous experience and I’m sorry if I seem very ‘strict’ with him. I also said I specifically requested to miDrive a “reliable” instructor and they provided him then I looked at him. I think he understood what I meant. I said it in a nice way lol but I mean serious business!!! 😂🚗 So now I have a one hour top up lesson later.


As we were driving he kept eating. I asked him what was in his bag and he said grapes and I proceeded to tell him my mum eats grapes too and isn’t that such a funny thing to be doing whilst driving. I started talking about sweets and walnuts and then he stopped eating the grapes. After a while, he said he will clean his car LOL. I said “don’t worry you don’t have to it’s just that window was dusty I couldn’t see out of it” and he said “no, I need to” and that was that lol. I don’t know if I’m being a ‘princess’ or whatever but he can’t be distracted whilst I’m driving. What if I do something wrong and I have done because I stopped in the middle of the roundabout again by accident LOL. I’m only taking up 1 hour of his time and paying loads of money for it I expect him to give me 100% of his attention not eating grapes and texting.

End of Lesson

At the end of the lesson, I asked him what will I be learning this week? And he didn’t seem to know… he mumbled something about getting used to driving a car. He asked me what did I want to learn? And I was like “I don’t know? YOU tell me I have no idea what more I need to learn” and he said “LOADS more” so I was like ye yeh okay whatever I’ll see you later. I feel like he’s kinda an ok instructor I’m just comparing him to the OVERLY critical one in the past. I mean my driving got slightly better ? SO yeah I’ve got another one in 2 hours. I kind of enjoy driving now it’s fun!

I still need to learn how to park, parallel parking? OR whatever it’s called. I also need to do more reversing and 3-point-turns.


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