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Pouring Tea Cup Illustration

Long Time No Tea

I went to meet my 2 of my old uni housemates yesterday for a little tea party. They’re like sisters to me and it’s sad I never get to see them. Despite all living in different areas, with our own busy lives, we all try to take the opportunity as much as we can every couple of months to meet up. I had the most magical day.

Lucy’s Tea Party: Chat’s & Chill

So after my awesome driving lesson, I set off to Lucy’s house for a little tea party get together. Because it was so cold, my crappy iPhone switched off when I was 10 minutes away and I had to bring it back to old school and ask a local how to get there. Luckily I remembered the address and some lovely lady with her daughter, who didn’t have google maps, but was smart enough to google image the estate and recognise instantly to guide me in the right direction! She was so helpful and entwhusiastic about knowing where it was and even if she couldn’t remember exactly I could tell that she was determined to help. It made me think how much people LOVE and are willing to help others even strangers – and how smart and intuitive they are when they need to be.

When I got there Lucy quickly took out the million and one treats she baked and cooked for us. She’s like that auntie you always love visiting who fills you up with the most delicious home-baked goodies. Every time I go round her house it’s a treat because her baking is SO FREAKIN’ TASTY.

The Business Proposal

Cat said she was thinking about starting up something but wasn’t sure what she wanted to do yet. She’s a single mum of a 2-year-old and has so much drive and ambition and is already trying to think of ways she’s can generate income to provide for her family whilst tackling motherhood. We drafted up some ideas because she’s organised, likes helping people, is very creative and wanted to do something she didn’t have to attend herself all the time as she has a child to look after. So I suggested perhaps she could look into Events Management. Managing arts & crafts workshops for kids in unused spaces. This could bring income to whoever owns the unused space (making use of it at the same time), income to the skilled workshop holder(maybe a stay-at-home mum with a skill like knitting etc) and also a creative outlet for kids or adults perhaps at evenings/weekends. She would get a percentage of the profit for bringing the 3 together. All she would need would be a phone, email and to maybe visit the venue and meet and greet the people she would be working with. I reckon she could do this without investing little/not much money. She can speak to specific venues and see how much it would cost, sell the fun art workshop classes first to the people in her playgroups etc and then pay the venue and workshop holders once she’s sold enough packages. This is what my mate Simi did with her business which is the smartest thing I’ve ever seen because it required minimal financial investment; it’s perfect for someone who has good people skills, minimal savings but some spare time on their hands….like a mother. First, she needs is market research of the people in the area. She lives in Cambridge and this type of arts & crafts workshop stuff can be perfect for people who live in Villages especially for stay at home women. My ex-boyfriends mum is a housewife and lives a village and said she use to go to workshops, loved it and wishes there were more available. This also means she might have the skills to hold her own. This information can’t be accountable but it provides hope and a possibility. Market Research is key not sure how to conduct that part of the plan. I said I could show her how to set up her own website to get started. There are so many underrepresented people with amazing potential and innovative ideas. I have enough resources and experience to offer them basic guidance to edge them a tiny step closer to their goals. Even if I can’t help completely maybe I can source help from elsewhere or connect them to the right people.

We met Lucy’s new boyfriend properly this time as he was really ill at our last Tea party. He is SO SICK. He is just like Lucy; ambitious, driven, sociable and puts 100% into everything. Lucy is a banging chick and her history of men is almost on par with mine. I can totally see them both as this superpower couple. He really witty, smart and fired some valuable ideas at both mine and Cat’s possible projects. He was jokes as well and I can see he cares a lot for Lucy and treats her how she has treated others her entire life <3

Wizard Game

We ended up going to the Sun Tavern which was lovely and cosy and shared hilarious stories of our past. I obvy whacked out my Wizard card game and got everyone involved. I should have known Lucy was the one to watch she was a steady strategist and last minute she F’d me right up and moved into first place leaving me in second place. This game is HEATED.

I had the most wonderful day with the most wonderful people and I’m glad my phone ran out of battery so I didn’t try to fit too many different social groups in one day.

Life is seriously filled with never-ending opportunities.

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