March Weekend

Friday – I Tonya

We went to see I Tonya Friday night at the Picture House. IT WAS EPIC. O.m.g I didn’t really know what it was about until the day I went to go sesarahe it. I watched the trailer and it looked seemingly about some “white trash” girl who had a harsh mum and was amazing at Ice Skating. I cried about 20 minutes in. Her mum kind of reminds me of my mum except mine was never that bad. Tonya’s mum was super critical of her and pushed her so much that she didn’t give her any love or nurturing a mother should. Tonya ended up with a guy who showed her the similar kind of abusive love and had to compensate for her lack of ‘support’ by thinking nothing was ever her fault. Her mother and boyfriend blamed her for every thing. She never went to school and so she wasn’t educated or believed she was smart enough to know any better.  She never realised that she deserved so much more. Everyone around her didn’t believe in her BUT she believed in herself and that self belief is the most powerful thing and it shows you can overcome anything. The people surrounding her really affected her success and it just made me sad. There are so many talented people out there that don’t get the right encouragement. I really want to reach out to them in some way.

Saturday – Sarah’s Birthday

I woke up and baked Sarah some white and dark chocolate mixed berry muffins. It was her birthday meal yesterday and we went to Burger & Lobster. NEARLY died as I ate so much. Love seeing all my mates. I had a great ol’ bitch fest about my work LOL I felt a bit bad as I made the mood a bit bleak but I felt like I had to get everything off my chest – I haven’t seen my friends properly in like… 2 weeks LOL (that’s a long time!!!!). They updated us on all their endeavours which was cool. My mate Lewis is in a band and he’s been gigging loads this week. I haven’t had the time or the energy to go to any of his gigs and he keeps telling us too last minute BUT I promised I’d go to the next local one if I was free!


I woke up really sad this morning! I had a little cry about S (PMS fam) and then got up and put on BBC 1Xtra radio. I danced around and hoovered the whole flat. It was nice. I still need to finish off tidying because I keep distracting myself.

Installing My New Samsung SSD into the Optical Drive

My Macbook pro late 2011 is DYING. By dying I mean it goes into hoover mode and nothing moves. The mouse just stops responding lol. I can’t do anything about and the spinning wheel pops up and it drives me insane. This just happens either for hours or every couple of minutes and I can’t do ANY WORK. Hence why I have been going into work and doing it there. My workmate said he upgraded the Hard Drive to a solid state drive and then my other mate told me that his mate took out the optical drive and replaced it with the SSD so he had two hard drives in one laptop. So…. I downloaded Sierra, mounted it onto a USB stick and bought the caddie case from here:

Neoteck SATA 2.5″/9.5mm 2nd Hard Drive Caddy £7.99


Samsung 850 EVO 500 GB 2.5 inch Solid State Drive £117[/one_second]

I unscrewed everything mounted it in the case and popped it in and VOILA!

Brand new spanking computer

Installing High Sierra on New SSD
Installing High Sierra on New SSD

Turned it on and the speed is mega boosted. I had to install SSD Fan Control because my SSD and the bloody HDD fan were making some loud synchronized noises –  even though I only need to use one at a time. It was double fanning out my laptop. Now I have 1tb of memory. I spent all weekend organising my files/folders, moving everything into sectioned external hard disks. Then I clean installed High Sierra and reformated the old hard drive. So now it’s completely empty. CLEAN NEW SLATE! I absolutely love it. I’m sooo happy…. spent £130 on the caddie + SSD rather than £1300 on a new Macbook. #score


I need more girl mates. Or at least be around Sarah more she’s so loving and warm. I’ve been sucked into the hole of 0-emotion-town. I don’t know how this has happened. I realised this last week I just freely act how I wish because my friends don’t give a shit lol. #nofilter it’s having a detrimental effect on how I behave because they clearly don’t care whereas another woman would be like “ew wtf?” because I am actually quite jank sometimes. I feel like I objectify and idolise women and I am competitive against males. It’s an odd feeling. I’ve been so invested in my bloody projects and myself I’ve forgotten how to date.  I’ve even suddenly re-activated Wolfies Instagram AND my Art Instagram. I think I need some sort of attention because I’m not sure how to get it. I need to look within myself somehow to throw away that need. I guess it takes practice. I’m turning Wolfie’s Instagram into a business Instagram for TrainMyBunny though. I’ve got a whole social media strategy happening 🙂 I can’t wait to finally get some videos uploaded!!!! <- FML see… it creeps back in every time!! Why am I so project orientated?  I’m scared of losing my friends because my interests and goals in life are changing.


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