I’ve been REALLY distracted the past week. I’ve got so much on my plate.  I don’t have the capacity to be distracted. I’ve only got Tuesday nights free for the next 2 months or so it’s ridiculous but so so exciting!


Podcast Progress

I just got off the phone to Flo and she is just…. a blessing. She went off and did her own research and talked to loads of people and is able to borrow legit recording equipment for our first podcast together with our new guest: Kieron Lewis. I’ve been buying stuff and asking colleagues for help. I swear, I work in the most TALENTED and SKILLED workplace ever. There’s a person for legit anything you need. They’re all bloody smart!! I’m asking this girl in the UX team for help with my websites, this guy who sits opposite me for help with recording equipment – I LOVE MY WORK PLACE!  The info he’s given has been semi-helpful so I’ve purchased a USB condenser mic as the plan B back up in case Flo can’t get the legit pro tech stuff. I swear she does 10001 things in her spare time she’s so dam skilled/talented. She volunteers to photograph the “secret” gigs put on by SonarSounds. She did a gig last week and was describing all the sick people performer she met. One of them was a guy Emmanuel who does spoken word poetry about his life, culture, all sorts! She suggested about 3+ different AMAZING people in just that one phone call who are doing a lot volunteering, charitable work helping people. The world I live in is so different. I know money makers, entrepeneurs, academic creatives. Flo knows the community driven non-career creatives. It’s so interesting listening to her describe these ordinary people doing really cool shit. I want them all on the podcast. I said she should definitely JOIN the Podcast force and not just ‘dip in and out’ providing the next one goes well. I need support because I’ve felt so alone on all these projects which no one to really get hyped up about it other than Simi but even then I’ve been really demanding and needy.

I wanna help Flo with her personal website she deserves exposure man. This girl is multi-disciplined multi-talented and doing 80% of the stuff for free. SHE NEEDS THE P for her produce (saying that though I’m not paying coz I cant) But I mean… I reckon she can get some sick gigs with some hefty self promotion. I said I would help set her site up. I hope we can work on a lil something together. I LOVE making websites xD

There are so many different stories from interesting but ordinary people out there that I feel like deserves a platform to be heard. Like-minded people can connect. These people have their struggles, they’re gifted and doing what they love connecting to one another through their skills and talents in a busy city. They’re just like you and me and any other person.

We’re planning on recording Kieron next month but I’ve got a feeling Flo’s got our next guest planned 😉

I still need to edit the podcast with Mel and reply to her Linked in Message but this shit is so freakin’ hard with a 9-5 but I know I am capable. I CAN DO THIS!

Myles has replied to me on Linked in (Finally) after 1 month lol I gotta reply to his message but he’s up for linking and chatting about business queries. I want to get him on the podcast as well. He’s also someone who was a bit jokes in school and is killing it atm. I’m thinking of recording one per month. Getting to about 3… and then releasing them once a month on a specific day maybe at 9am on the first Monday of each month so people can listen to them at work.

0% Free Time

This is so worth it. I’m not even feeling stressed. I FEEL HYPED! I’m learning how to play the piano, UI/UX course, how to drive, setting up Trainmybunny.com AND sorting out things for Meta Podcast. LIFE IS GETTING LIT THIS YEAR. Last year was for travelling this year is me getting down and dutty with the project overload.  I thought my old life before projects was hectic…. My entire freakin’ month is pretty mental right now. I have about 1 afternoon free a week and that’s it. I’m praying people bail or something happens and I accidentally get snowed in but secretly I’m revelling in this. Endorphins are on point. How can doing all this ‘work’ give me such a buzz? I do not know.

My old colleague reached out to me today to ask for help with hosting his new website. I knew he use to own a business so I was like I’ll help you if you help me set mine up LOL. You know wag1 I help you you help me innit. Sharing skills is caring. This year is ON fire I’m excited excited excited EXCITEDDDDDDD.



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