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Business Idea Machine

Every morning I wake up and I’m thinking about new business and networking opportunities. What has happened to me? I think I actually enjoy the stress of having a project on the go. I swear I am self-sabotaging sometimes…

Music Launch Party – Shore Thing

I’m knackered. I went out last night to Will’s friend’s launch party for his new music video. The visuals were off the hook; they were incredible. Sleek, clean, conceptual and visually engaging. Huge kudos to the team who produced it.

It starts off at some white council estates, Shaun is all in white, and he sings and it cuts to shots in a forest. He’s laying in a bath tube in bubble wrap and then it cuts to shots of his friends in trees. It does a lot of close-ups into the garms they’re wearing too and it is SLICK!!!!!!

He got the music video for free because he endorsed a lot of the products from PAQ and it was sponsored by Nike and FIJI water. They showed a lot of adverts at the beginning of the music video. Nike and PAQ are fucking smart. Behind me, I could hear all the girls raving like “omg I need that jacket it looks so fresh”. I loved the soundtrack but, I’m going to be honest here, this is underground product placement. I can’t believe how clever these giants are. I can see it’s a two-way business deal. The well-established fashion brand targets the hard-to-reach underground scene who usually like to be “different” and do their own thing. The artist gets their music out there via creative media they can’t usually afford; it’s a win win situation. I now see what it’s all about and I can totally get it. It’s fucked up but it’s magic at the same time and I’m astonished. It made me feel like a hypocrite who was part of a hypocritical world and I felt alienated.

If I was to mention this to my friend he might be annoyed, get defensive and I don’t want to hurt his feelings. Shaun’s new album took 2 years and a lot of hard work. They worked their asses off for that video and you can see it in the quality. For me to come in and point fingers is just disrespectful. I’m glad I have you blog to release my dark thoughts and opinions otherwise I would be offending people left right and centre.

New Business Ideas

When I woke up this morning I had a brain surge of 4 really great ideas that all link into one another. I can grow them size as I finish them one by one. I’m investing time and effort into one of them but I feel like it won’t give me the best ROI out of the pack. I don’t know whether to flop it or finish my remaining tasks until I research more for my next step. Actually, yeah I think I’ll just do that. I need to read more, write my business strategy up and finish off my current tasks. I’ve already let go temporarily of KEFFIE . My little brain surge came up with an idea I can link KEFFIE into the bunch via affiliate marketing. My good friend and source of info, Simi, told me all about affiliate marketing. I didn’t get it to begin with thinking it was some pyramid scheme scam but I’m reading this book; How To Get Your Website Noticed and it’s fooken’ SICK. It doesn’t actually talk about what Affiliate Marketing is itself but is but it explains how to drive traffic to your site and WHY you should do it. It has loads of hints and tips on how to grow your traffic. It also suggests loads of free and paid tools on how to optimise your content, how to measure competitors and how to record these things and use the information to your benefit. I highly recommend reading it if you already run a website or have some basic knowledge of how a website works and is interested in starting one.

Free/Cheap Webhosting

I haven’t actually told anyone about how I started getting free websites and have done for most of my life. I might write a whole post dedicated to how I got cheap domains and free web hosting. I never had to pay for my domain name up until the last 10 years. I spent 5 years online pushing content out there for completely free – how it should be! Tim Berners Lees created the web for people to develop the world not to make money <- my hypocrisy comes out all too often. I admire those who do things just for the greater good. At the moment I only pay for my domain name which is about £7 and I get free web hosting so that is essentially £7 a year for everything including hosting my WordPress, my server, a decent bandwidth and package deal. People are paying companies like Wix something like £50 a year. The only issue is the speed of my website loads and the possibility of being “blacklisted” and deleted any minute. I’m thinking for the first time in my entire life – I’m so proud of this – Im going to purchase web hosting. I’m drafting up prices from competitors and seeing which one is the best value.I think I’m going to go for one that hosts up to 20 domain names, gives a free domain name and is under £35 a year. I want to use this to host all the different sites I’m going to use to push affiliate marketing across the broad range of subjects I’m interested in. I’m using this blog to ‘practise’ and it’s doing pretty okay.

Before I dive into these ideas and buy a domain and never use it (learnt that lesson from KEFFIE when I got too excited). I need to draft up the empathy map which that book mentions to do, write a strategy, goals and create the different consumer profiles for EACH venture (fml).

My Thoughts

I’ve got a SHIT TON of work on my hands but I know what I need to do. I just need to organise my life so I can do this AND see my friends and socialise. This weekend I came into work on a Sunday and spent 8 hours working on my project and I felt so lonely and isolated. Even when I went to the launch party after I felt like I was in that ‘mode’. I need to somehow find a balance. HELP

I’ve realised that as much as I love to help people I’m also too interested in how to make money. I’m obsessed with learning about human decision making, how the web can support this and what the outcomes are if you are successful/unsuccessful. I read this book called The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do, and How to Change; it speaks a lot about cue, action, reward. I think this is my habit and my addiction. I got excited about earning 31p. I didn’t even care about the money earnt or how much it was. I cared more about the fact I got this from the content I put out there. I made my own money completely myself and this pushes me to work harder.

Right now, I feel like I’m juggling a lot of projects at once. I know I am capable and I don’t FEEL stretched emotionally and time wise but I think my body is reacting. I’m not getting a lot of sleep as I keep staying up late thinking about ways to improve. My days seem to naturally fill out so I don’t have that point where it’s like “ooo spare time”. I’ll make sure on Sunday I get some brain rest. I called my good friend Senar up to ask him for advice on how I can progress and work towards a managerial role so I can eventually manage my own business. He gave me some good points. They were clouded within a huge ass explanation on his own experiences with work politics, work problems, people etc but I think they’ll be helpful. He mentioned a couple of organisation/workflow tools I could use that I’ve never heard of like Ansana. I’m currently using Trello and it’s great but it’s more for workflow, feedback and ‘check listing’ things. I need something that has a timeline that I can combine with a calendar to record project timelines and set goal dates. Ansana isn’t free and I’ve had a look I feel like it would be better for those with projects with multiple people involved where you delegate and manage workflow. I need something to manage MY OWN time, MY OWN workflow as well as set dates, a checklist and delegate work yikes! From the phone call in order for me to progress, I have to: Get more knowledgeable in my field or at a specific skill, start opening my eyes and drafting possible solutions to issues at work, start using the tools needed for organising workflow.

I’ve started to go to the gym less and haven’t found time to cook properly. These both were something I did daily. I need to get back to the gym regularly. I was thinking about cooking in advanced again but I’m busy and out most nights. I’m going to force myself when I have one free evening and do it properly and freeze my food just in case I do get hungry – I’ll have some emergency fuel.

Everything I’m doing goes against my dreams of living in a world where capitalism and consumerism are abolished and people are just happy as they are. How do I combine humanitarianism and business together?

I’ve really started to feel like a living hypocrite.


Image source: Vecteezy

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