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Forum Posts From When I Was 13


I decided to revisit these old forums I joined back when I was 13. You had to keep posting to get credits to obtain free web hosting and I was this introverted opinionated whacky little 13-15 yr old who free roamed the internet – as you can probably imagine. I had a ton of internet friends. My mum never let me out the house so the internet was my life.

I found 1200+ worth of posts from 13-15-year-old-me. This stuff is liquid GOLD. I sparked very controversial debates, I was ruthless, I typed like a maniac, I had so many (completely wrong) opinions across so many subjects; I’ve been sitting here for half an hour cracking up to myself reading through this shit. I’ve not changed one bit. Even at that age, I was curious about what other people’s opinions were on the same topics as me. Some of them were quite sad as well but I never seemed like any of it affected me. So odd!

I really have to post some of these bangers:

This one was a post that was asking What’s Your Favourite Comic/Cartoon? (I was 15 LOL)Becca Forum Striperella

HP7 theory from when I was 14…

Harry Potter 7 Theories

My Take On Dating at aged 14

No Idea who I’m talking about here but I was cracking up big time “POOF MODE” I’m just so offensive lool.

Mean Mother

This one’s a bit sad about my mum. I think I was 14. I forgot how mean she use to be and that she’s always been this way. I think even she’s forgotten. It makes me glad that I stood up to her.

Asian Tiger Mum

That whole “Cyber” relationshippy thing. 😂

13 Yr old Thoughts on Internet Dating

Girl Troubles

This one was a reply to a guy who posted something titled “Girl Troubles”. I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard in a while 😂

Girl Troubles

Dearest Teacher

Here’s another banger of advice from 14-year-old Becky replying to a topic about crushing on your teacher.

Crushing on a teacher

The more I read the more heart-wrenching it gets. I was so innocent. Throughout my life, people were so mean but I didn’t even realise I just wrote my stories out on the forum as they happened thinking it was just normal life. My mum would call me fat and stupid, my auntie would say I was ugly, short AND fat, my friends would take the piss out of my bottom lip and make me feel bad for not wearing designer clothes. I wasn’t into boys. It seemed like my only escape were the forums where I could be myself, let off the steam and not get bullied LOL. I don’t even remember half the shit I talk about – phew. I honestly didn’t even realise I was getting bullied. I read back now I’m so glad I was like that. People have asked me if I’ve been bullied before and I’m like “no? never” lol. Thank de lawd I was so naive. Life could have turned out awful!

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