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I just got out my piano class it went too quick. I’m in such a good mood I swear it gives me endorphins or is it dopamine? We played a song called Lyric Piece and did some Theory learning about ledger lines. I’m utterly crap at it I can’t for the life of me work out the bass clef notes; it’s like saying the alphabet backwards except you’re missing ones out in between I’m so crap at it. I tend to learn the songs via the numbering she writes above the notes. At the end of the lesson, we had to play this song called Simplicity in pairs. It sounded really beautiful all together. My partner was so jokes man we kept giggling then doing that stray note thing that’s so bait. He turned up halfway through the term and did really well. He kept putting himself down though even though he was doing it correctly. I kept having to be like no no you’re sick wait let me rephrase “We’re sick. We’re killing it”

Also, I’ve started talking to this gal at work who I use to say hi to but never got to know probably. We’ve got SO MUCH in common. Seriously, music tastes, same ethics and humour. Plus she’s been playing the piano for 20 years I asked if she could help me learn this piano piece I love called Berceuse by Lo Mimieux; she’s agreed. I’m well excited!!! She’s shown me some bangers as we bonded over Flyleaf, classical music and post-hardcore music. I’ve subscribed to her Spotify playlist and was listening to her piano & cello bangers the whole day today – it was so good :O

Work was alright it went quite quickly my team gave me too many jokes; my workmate was talking about how someone spat in her face by accident when they sneezed on the tube and because she’s so polite she didn’t say anything and waited a while before wiping it off. We were hooting and tooting  I lent Siddhartha to my workmate he just finished reading it and then I lent it to my other work mate. It’s Will’s book I feel a bit bad for lending it out but it’s such a good story I feel like everyone needs to read it; it’s changed my whole outlook on life! He slyly fretted about them destroying his favourite book so I made them promised to look after it.

I worked more on my project today at lunch and after work. I was consumed. I swear time flies so quick when I’m in the zone. I was a bit overwhelmed by the number of things I had to do it that I never realised I had to do. Research gives you more work. Simi gave me bare good tips like ideas for new content, SEO tips, tools and YouTube videos. I followed one she linked me to set up my Trello board with all my tasks. It’s all labelled and colour coded I feel well organised ‍

I’ve also signed up for a public speaking workshop. I was going to do a course but it was £195 and over 11 Weeks. I was a bit like wtf I want to save up for a digital piano first because mine at home is a babies keyboard and only has 32 keys loooooool. This course says it uses the “Alexander Technique”. Never heard of it but I’m gonna read up on it more. This one is only 1 day so I can afford it and see if I like it. If it’s good I’m going in for the kill with the 11-week banger. I’m good with meetings and stuff at work but I’m terrified of public speaking on a stage in front of loads of people. It’s when all eyes are on just me, my words and nothing else that terrifies me. And this is the most important part of motivational speaking. I really want to overcome it so I can give speeches and seminars on how to have live your way towards confidence in being yourself; first of all, I need to exercise this myself LOL…. plus Simi keeps telling me to get on YouTube. I’m a bit shook. I said we should do podcasts together but we’ll see. Baby steps

I keep thinking that I wish I had done all this stuff when I was younger. Then I think back to when I was younger I had so many other things I was doing lol. Then I think back to H who is 56 years older than me! That’s double the years I’ve lived which means I’ve still got another million years to live. So now I’m excited I have all this time to do everything I want to do. WEhoooooo

I kind of want to stay in this weekend to work more on my stuff but I’ve got to see people I haven’t seen in a while. My uni friends were the best so I’m really excited to see them as they all live everywhere else except near me lol.

On Sunday, Will’s best mate, Shaun Sky, has his preview for his music video. He’s so sick I genuinely love his music. You know when your mates like check out my mates’ track and it’s shit. This is NOT the case. Shaun Sky’s music speaks to our gen and covers important topics. They’ve been working on the album for 2 years man the preview vid looks so so so so so sick. So proud. I can’t wait to see the video. The aesthetic is on fleek 10/10.

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