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Shoryu X Gudetama

Pinch, Punch, First Week of the Month

This month is going SO fast. As per usual my life is so jam packed without even having to plan it. It just flows like this – crazy, I can’t believe it’s April already! It scares me how fast life just flies by. We’re nearly mid-year and January feels like yesterday I don’t understand how this is happening.

This Morning at the Gym

I went to the gym this morning for a swim and I bumped into Alexa Burke from X Factor. I ran back to work to tell everyone all excited and they were like “Becky… you mean Alexandra Burke?”. I’ve been talking to my Alexa machine at home every morning and night asking “Alexa, what time is it” so I guess that was in my mind… LOL oopsy. I walked past her then I walked back and had to double take and then I went “OH MY GAWDDD… HIIII!!!!” and waved. She laughed and said “Hi” back lol.

Wednesday Computer Help with H

H was freakin’ hilarious as usual. Super smart, clocked on and curious. I taught her how to cut and paste and she was AMAZED. It is awesome when you think about it.She’s such a quick learner but I’ll have to repeat the action a couple more times. She said she remembered that time when she asked me what religion I was and who was my “God” and I told her “The Internet”. I can’t believe she remembered something like this I went bright red and I couldn’t stop laughing. I don’t remember saying that but it sounds exactly like something I would say hahaha. Brilliant H! She told me a bit about her backstory what she studied at University etc – it was really interesting. She’s the only elderly person I know and have spoken to and is such an interesting person. Is it wrong to assume all elderly people are like her? I remember last time I told her my friend’s ‘grandmas’ aren’t tech-savvy like her nor do they have the desire or willpower to learn how. She was really confused as to why I was bringing up other people’s Grandma’s then her face changed and she was like “OHHHHH YOU think I’m old!!!!”.Omg, I was totally embarrassed LOL. I think when I am her age I will hopefully turn out exactly like her.

Healthy, clocked on, curious AND still learning. It makes me less scared about getting old.  I’m going to try using this for the Sci-Fi Novel I’m working on.

I borrowed this book from the library I thought it would be an interesting read to try and understand the older generation: The Psychology of Ageing.

Thursday Date Night

I went to dinner at some place in Southbank called Sea Containers. The decor was on point!!! It was soo lush; not too fancy but not too casual. The food was munch; we had these fried squid things, crab on sourdough toast, risotto and some Padron peppers. Then for dessert, we had this Blood Orange cheesecake that tasted a bit like white chocolate O.M.G we couldn’t finish it because it was so rich om nom. Richard is a total babe the conversation is seriously always THE BEST ever. I swear we can just talk for hours and hours… or well I can talk for hours. He said it shocked him when I psychoanalysed him at the last date. I vaguely knew what the word meant so I had to google when I got home…. I felt a bit intrusive lol. I don’t want him to change OR to think about what he says to me before he says it now in fear I’ll judge him. I kinda wish I hadn’t said what I truly thought but I got drunk and word vomit came spewing out. He’s so sweet, cute, humble and a total catch and I don’t think he even knows this. He held my hand across the table and for the first time in my life I didn’t cringe or feel grossed out lol. It gave me a funny tummy. Even though he was late as per usual it was such a lovely night and I always enjoy spending time with him it just goes wayyyy too quick. I blinked and the night was over 🙁

Friday Night Podcast Chat with Flo

I went to Flo’s to talk about my ideas for the podcast. I’ve already recorded 1 podcast with Mel the other week and it went pretty well. I’ve got the second guy booked and asked Flo if she wanted to get involved. She loves filming and thought it would be cool to accompany it with some recording – I was totally against it when she mentioned it because I hate the camera but I’m going on a public speaking workshop next week so I thought, WHY NOT? #YOLO

We caught up at her and spoke more about the goals I wanted to achieve she sounded interested and showed me some stuff she’s shot and liked. We then went Franco Manco’s and had the most deepest discussion about life, previous bfs, friends, drugs, being bullied at school, school friends. EVERYTHING. The conversation was just so engrossing it really wore me out. I had the best night ever with Flo and I really do hope we work well together on this podcast because she’s so talented, driven, super clocked on and creative. I wanted her to partner up with me but she said she’s got loads on her plate and would rather dip in and out. I can’t pay her yet because I don’t have any money nor savings but I was thinking about this morning I can’t keep getting people to help me for free. Once I start making more money at my 9-5 or at least SOMETHING from any of my projects I’m going to make effort to just offer something in return as payment or reimburse with food or some sort.

Saturday Morning 10K Run with Debs

Debs text me last week wanting to join some 10K race. I was a bit like cool but I don’t want to pay so she said we could run to Greenwich. I’ve never done 10K before… The most I’ve ran is 7.8km which was when I got lost , ran way too far and didn’t have my Oyster card on me so was forced to run back home… I got there and we started running I was worn out within 2 minutes but then I got over it. We jogged for an hour at least to Greenwich but it went so fast because we were chatting, laughing and catching up. I get along with this chick soooooooo much. We don’t see each other for years and when we meet up it’s like we’re regulars in each other’s lives. Her life is so so interesting; she’s super talented, driven, funny and her life is BURSTING with different experiences. Even though her life is banging she’s also interested in my life too. I’m so similar to her yet so different. She’s full on 100% freewheeler and is super fearless. I am calculated fearless in a totally sensible way lmao…Our backgrounds are very similar and so are our mindsets and it’s amazing to feel so connected to such an amazing person 🙂

Saturday Day @ Shoryu X Gudetama

Shoryu X Gudetama

Shoryu X Gudetama. Image Source: Shoryu

Sarah wanted to go on one of her hype days out. She’s obsessed with this Gudetama character by Sanrio. It’s FOOKEN hilarious I love how invested she gets into these little cute, crazy, odd trends. I’m like dying from laughter at her enthusiasm and nerding out. We got there and it was an hour wait and as it was one of the last days everything had ‘sold out’ she was so upset but managed to bag a notebook instead of the key ring. I’ve got to go to the restaurant for her on the 11th to collect the key ring that they will re-stock -lol.

We had such a jokes time just crying from laughter at how similar we are.

Stranger Things Live Set @ Barbican

I was so knackered already from running 10K then spending the whole day with Sarah laughing. She booked 11pm tickets for this gig and it FUCKED ME UP. I nearly fell asleep. It was amazing though. The 2 guys who wrote the theme tune and album for Stranger Things season 1 was playing a live set. They had 3 synth keyboards surrounding them and loads of crazy strobe lights flashing in time to the creepy music. It was amazing but it sounded like 1 continuous song for 1.5 hours!! I loved the tunes with the heartbeat notes those really created a dramatic and dark vibe!!!

I’m knackered. I’ve barely slept. I think as much as I like going out I prefer going out during the week and keeping my weekends free. I need time to work on my projects and work on my hobbies. This weekend I’m completely free WOOHOO. I might do what Sarah does and turn off my phone every weekend.


Despite hanging out with all these people and feeling a great connection I still feel alone. I feel like my blog is my best friend where I can truly tell what I’m up to all day every day. It’s a release because I have SOOOOOOOOO many things going on in my head and I think soooooo much – way too much. I feel scared to talk about my passions and what I love because no one really responds to any of it. I see their disinterest and their expressions when I only mention 1 of the 10 things so I suppress most of it. This blog is totally vital to my life. I can freely express myself, my passions, fears and the things I do and learn every day. Also, Sarah keeps bringing up Sara randomly. It’s unintentional but it makes me sad because she suddenly ignored me when I told her she kept complaining constantly and it was putting me in a bad mood. It’s true I guess I shouldn’t have expressed this to someone who is sensitive. It’s a bit sad really but I’m happy for her where ever she is just sad she cut me out. I keep getting reminded she exists lol

Cloud Dreams Photo by Dominik Schröder
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