Wowweeeee. Rifle & pistol club was so fun 🙂 Today was my 3rd time going. I wasn’t planning on going because I had no money and I was tired but I passed through LB anyways and decided to just to take money out on my credit card (bad move) but I don’t even care anymore. MY HAPPINESS IS MORE IMPORTANT lool. I’m glad I went 🙂 It gave me endorphins.

Tonight was a bit annoying though as every single gun I shot was jamming up. I changed my gun at least 4 times but I’m glad I did because I got to try some of the other ones I wouldn’t usually pick up (as they’re a bit intimidating). The main one I use is the shorter one that they call the “ladies” gun because … well obviously it’s a lot smaller and lighter than the rest. At the beginning I was a bit like “these fackin’ sexist pigs” but then I tried the other ones. I mean they’re not AWFUL but the gun is really long so it’s hard to keep it still as I’m trying to hold it but it’s front heavy.

Anyways, tonight’s session wasn’t all that amazing. I did quite well but I had a few shots that wavered towards the outer circles into the 6 and 7s because the gun was getting a bit heavy and kept being problematic (not because I have bad aim :P) . I fired 50 shots and had 1 dud bullet that got squashed in my gun. I might read up more about the rifles so I understand the components a bit better so I know I’m doing it right.

How to stand

Last week some guy taught me how to stand and how to aim and move my stance in accordance to my aim. So what you do is stand how you usually do. Look through the viewfinder at the target and get it right on bullseye then you close your eyes, try to stay still and then count to 5. If the gun has moved to the right you move your foot more right if it’s left you move your back leg a lil more to the left.

How to aim

I have no idea. Honestly, I just try to get the viewfinder on bullseye and then breathe in a few times and on one of my exhales I shoot. When you press the trigger

How to score

So after each session, you’re supposed to submit 3 of your best targets ready to be counted up. They put the scores up on facebook which I have no idea how to join (i’ve just emailed asking them to add me). But I never knew how to count them up I just assumed the clusters were good and if they were near the middle they were the best ones BUT alas I was wrong. Whilst I was just staring at my targets an elderly guy around 60-70 (who knows lol) came up to me and introduced himself as E. This was the first ever person to actually come up and say hi to me in the club. I guess I was a new person and I would need to go say hi first but I’m scared. They’re all really old in that member’s room and the first time I went I had to beg someone to come with me to the range to show me how to load the gun again because I was a bit scared lmao. E was soooo lovely and started chatting to me and stuff about my colleague L who joined with me and hasn’t returned since she’s been so busy.  Anyhow, I asked him “How do I tell which target is a better score to submit?” So he taught me how to count the score up. Each ring you would minus the amount off 100 and then the bullseye would count as an X. So, for example, I got 2x in the 6… and 1x in 7 and 1x in 8 and 4x in 9 and 2 in the bullseye. I would count backwards so the 2x in 6.. I would count as 4. The 1 in 7 I would count as a 3… and then add all those up and take it away from 100. So basically the total score would be 100 – 17 = 83.. Then the 2 in bullseye would X2. So I would in total have 83 X2 . OR something of the sort. I was so greatful E took the time out to teach me how to count up my score. Now I know how to submit my marks 🙂 YAY!

I did get a couple of bullseyes and my aim is quite decent for a first timer. I hit mostly within the 8 and 9’s which is great. E asked why in each target I had like 1 x 6/7 which would lower my score significantly…elsewise I Could be read the 90s… I guess I have no idea. I’m excited to go again next week to improve my aim 🙂

How to Join a Rifle Club in London

There’s actually only two. One is part of the LSE university (I think) and the other is the Marylebone Rifle Club which are both in the same building. It took me 2 years of waiting on the waiting list to actually get a membership so beware!



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