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Hurray, I Passed My Driving Theory Test!

Confession: I totally failed my first Theory est a couple of weeks ago. I think I was more annoyed at the fact I had to PAY for another test and waste money than actually failing it – LOL. If only I passed that first time I would have saved £20 cries.

Anyways, I revised during a couple of my commutes, the night before and morning just before the exam and managed to get 43/50 for the Multiple Choice questions and 59/75 for the Hazard perception. 43 was legit the PASS mark.. I just about made it. I was so shook I wasn’t going to pass because I didn’t know about 12 of the questions LOL. When I talk to people they managed to pass before they had even started learning how to drive, without revising AND they told me “It’s all common sense”. I’m like is it? I either have 0% common sense or no road knowledge what so ever. For me, it wasn’t as easy as everyone had said it was. Either that or I’m not as smart as everyone else << probably the case.

Maltby Street Market

After my exam, I headed to Potters Field which is next to Tower Of London. It’s changed so much since I use to live there. The pub which Terry & Joey use to own, St. John’s Tavern, is now the studios/offices of Red Bull and about 5 different tall modern looking buildings have been built up around it. Potters Field is basically in one humungous shade 🙁 It’s a shame. That area used to be so cosy and homely now it felt cold and corporate. I sat there and just chilled with the old people, stared into space and read my book.

Debs messaged me asking to meet up but she wanted to go Victoria park. I kind of was like that’s so long I really can’t be bothered to travel out that far in my pyjamas (I intended to go to my exam and go straight home to chill lol). She said she would run to London Bridge to meet me which was nice of her.

So I went to Maltby street market on my own and got some Falafels from the food stands, read more of my book and waited for her.

My New Book: Social Intelligence

Social Intelligence

I’m currently reading one called Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships and it’s about the importance of relationships between people and the impact of connecting to one another. It touches lightly on Neuroscience too which I never knew what it was until now. I thought it would relate to my podcasts and life in general. When people ask me what book I’m reading I get a bit embarrassed as I don’t want to come across as this person who reads this kind of stuff. I just read it because it’s interesting. I am scared of being judged as someone who is a know it all or who always thinks they’re right – it kind of gives me anxiety. Especially at work, when I regurgitate random facts no one is interested. People laugh at the things I say when I’m being serious lol. In general, I just love sharing information and sharing the things I learn but it seems no one really cares about it except me sigh. I’ve started listening to the radio because of Alexa. I found on the radio people just slate what celebrities are wearing, talk a lot about mental health, all the songs promote being shallow and there was one point a guy started talking about rivers (because they asked him) and they all just laughed and shut his facts down. I have never felt so bitter about society until recently. It’s all run on looks and status which is how I’ve been rolling all my life.

Reading this book it makes me realise how much I want to study Psychology. I looked up Masters degrees and I found one at Kings College in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health. It’s an online course and sounds exactly what I want to do but it’s £16,000. I need to pay off my flat refurbish before I even think about saving up for this course. I’m not even studying it to further my career? Is it worth blowing £16K on knowledge? I don’t know whether to just do the module by module method which is cheaper, save up pay for the whole course OR learn myself? I feel like, if I learn myself, the information online might not be legit. This course would have access to Teachers, Professors, Doctors and legit case studies.


I met up with Debs, then we went to Betfred as she wanted to bet on some horses for the race later that day. It was pretty jokes lmao she betted on quite a few. I’m not really into gambling I never understood it but I can see betting makes watching much more enjoyable.

I was pretty tired and dead. I had planned for this weekend to be alone as I had spent the entire week socialising and it was wearing me out. So I didn’t talk much but it was nice Debs came all that way out to hang out lol.

New Digital Piano

I’ve been learning how to play the piano for 3 months now and I’m really enjoying it. I said to myself I would ONLY buy a new digital piano if I truly enjoyed it and will continue learning. I didn’t want to waste money. So, I’ve been practising on a tiny little icky keyboard I’ve had since I was about 6 years old LOL. It’s mega 90s and I couldn’t believe it still worked. There were half the amount of keys needed but I mean it was functional? Every day I was trolling Gumtree, eBay, Depop, Shpock and Cash Converters for a decent second-hand digital piano as they’re all £300+ !!!! Absolute madness…anyways this one popped up on eBay and the location was really close to where I live. I offered the guy only £70 and he accepted and I met up with him later that day. The music sheet stand of the keyboard is broken but I can deal with that and it was a piano I’ve been looking at on Amazon anyways… I’M SUPER HAPPY!!!!!!!!


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