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Tuesday 20 March 2018

Thoughts On A Tuesday Morning

HAPPY Tuesday to me!!!!!! Wow,ย every week is always like “what a week”. I’ve been having an issue recently that I can not get out of my mind. In order for me to do my project work, my mind needs to be clear of all distractions so I’m writing and writing and I guess it’s helping.

My First Amazon Affiliates Sale

Congratulations to me for making my FIRST ever amazon affiliates sale!!!! Wahooo. I contemplated on telling my desk buddy who sits next to me but he never seems to care so I held myself back and wrote it on the blog xD I love my life. It made me so excited I earned 97p. It’s a start ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s sad I have no one to share this with but it makes it all that special. I’m going to work double that hard next week on my time off. I’ve worked out a way to sync Google Calendar to Trello. I’m really going to make this work. I’m so pumped!!!

First Amazon Affiliates Sale

First Amazon Affiliates Sale

Wave App

I started off using google spreadsheets to record my expenses but then realised there was probably a much quicker and efficient way to do this. I’m trying to use this new tool called WaveApps so I can record my expenses, income, outcome, profit and all that stuff. It does invoices too! I opted for it as it’s COMPLETELY FREE.The app is really simple to use but I don’t understand the different parts it requires ๐Ÿ™ I’m not familiar with all the terminology so I’m slowly reading and learning through articles online and what each thing means. I don’t know if it interests me as much as Marketing but it has to be done -_- . I just feel tired tbh.ย  I just know I need it if I will be writing my Tax Returns…. I need the evidence and practise to run my business whilst it’s small so when it gets bigger I can handle it/delegate the job. In order to delegate the role, I’d like to know the basics at least so I know what I’m dealing with and don’t get conned lmao. I’m going to leave it for now until I understand each section. For now, I’ll continue to input all my costs and income on google spreadsheets until I have a lot of cash flow and stats.


Train My Bunny Updates

I bought a Go Pro Hero 4 online yesterday from gumtree for ยฃ100. Which is pretty good! The camera is slightly battered but it worked properly which is all I need. I wanted to use it to the first record for my new youtube channel and then record videos of teaching Wolfie tricks!

Not much as happened on the website I’ve not had the time or brain energy to concentrate on it which SUCKS. I’ve taken 1 week off next week to fully concentrate on it so I’m super syked. So far all I need to do is shoot videos and write articles. I was contemplating on changing to a “learning package” template and theme but I thought I would start small first. If it really does do well then I can spend more time in expanding and creating different tier packages. I can do “FREE” – Free simple to follow content that other people online offer. Then “BUNNY PLAY SCHOOL” so this is some extra stuff you can do with your bunny with some cool bits thrown in. This is slightly more challenging and will probably require 3days-1week of training per thing you want to teach your rabbit “BUNNY ACADEMY” and then “BUNNY UNIVERSITY” will be stuff you’ve never seen anywhere else. I’ll try to be creative in thinking of cool stuff. Then you can graduate. I want to offer certificates for each level a user can print out and frame in their bunny room ๐Ÿ™‚ I also want to offer competitions like “send us your bunny videos” then I can post compilations on youtube of people who have used my program as testimonials in a way! I’M STARTED TO GET EXCITED AGAIN!!!!!!!


I believe in myself. All these 10001 ideas might flop but it’s okay I love having something to contribute to. I have learnt so many skills, tools and spoken to many awesome people just from putting effort into my ideas. I have already gained so much and I haven’t even finished it! It gives me something to look forward to working on; it’s like a seed that I plucked from a dream that I can grow and then sow ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll always remember when I told a few people that I wanted to buy a flat. They told me “No it’s too expensive you won’t be able to afford it” Look where I am now ๐Ÿ™‚ I told my friend I was going to quit my job and travel on my own. My friend told me “My mate did that and came back and couldn’t find a job. You’re given up a stable life”. The unknown excites me and so does putting up a challenge. I’m confident in myself that whatever happens, it will work out the way it should in everything I do.


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