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Project Updates


New Domain Name | New Venture

Holy shitters! This month ¬†has been HECTIC. I finally feel confident enough to tell the world about my idea now. I bought the domain TrainMyBunny.com 2 days ago. I’m still uploading the website from my own server. It’s taking a while to get all the files in line.

TrainMyBunny.com is a website dedicated to helping those who want to develop a closer bond with their bunny through training. I was able to teach Wolfie a wealth of tricks, to everyone’s astonishment, and it made me closer to him; he is now able to do paw, fetch, kiss, play ball, up, spin and tunnel. He adores me and I know it ūüôā I wanted to share this knowledge with the world as well as provide good quality information on how to care for your bunny. It takes a lot of time, patience and love¬†to truly understand your bunny and so hopefully this fun¬†and cute website will make all this information a lot easier to digest. It’s vital that the bunnies in the world live in a safe and flourishing environment.

Screenshots of Progress

Working Illustrator Files TrainMyBunny.com

Working Illustrator Files TrainMyBunny.com

Wordpress Theme Editing TrainMyBunny.com

WordPress Theme Editing TrainMyBunny.com

Train My Bunny Website Progession

Train My Bunny Website Progession

Contributors Page for TrainMyBunny.com

Contributors Page for TrainMyBunny.com

Helping Hands

I found Britney on the Rabbit subreddit. She posted absolutely AMAAAAZING shots of her pet bunny Middy Moo. ¬†I reached out and asked if she would do the photography for my website. We’ve been writing to each other and she’s got 8 rabbits, 1 dog and 1 cat and her photos were taken on iPhone¬†8 – I can’t believe how crisps they were with the lens focus and blur. She’s also from South California which got me super excited as she is halfway across the world. I really do love how the internet can connect us all together. It doesn’t matter what age you are, sex, background, race or even how you are connected we are all interlinked online and can cross paths at any given time. It’s a beautiful thing. It makes me so grateful for the internet and its limitless supply of people, inspiration, information, connections and innovation.

Britney from the Rabbit Subreddit

Britney from the Rabbit Subreddit

First of all, I’m going to approach the Rabbit subreddit again and then I’m going to ask BinkyBunny Forums that I’m apart of for help. I need some more support. I only have a limited amount of skill and learning capacity. I’m falling asleep on the train every morning and evening from exhaustion.

I was thinking about finding a pay as you go business counsellor or someone who has done this all and can offer me advice.

Migrating Over To Xisto

I am now fully hosted by my friend Shree over at Xisto. The cheapest¬†web hosting is only 80p a month! That’s ¬£9.48 a year for his cheapest package of hosting! This is the cheapest and best value hosting that’s on the market right now so if you’re interested to go ahead and migrate to¬†Xisto¬†too. I’m in the process now of uploading TrainMyBunny.com to the new servers. HOW EXCITING!!!!!

Xisto Cheap Free Hosting

Xisto Cheap Free Hosting

Busy Bee

I have been the busiest I have ever been over the past month and it’s been so lonely. Personal project-work is a lonely road. ¬†I can talk to my work bae, Simi, about them but as she’s been doing her own thing I don’t want to overwhelm her. Apart from that, no one else gets it and it’s a really isolating feeling; as soon as I bring it up they either kinda go ‘cool’ or just say the idea is good or just outright ignore I’ve even mentioned anything. Simi actually listens, provides advice and gives me tools to ‘try’ out myself. It’s more of a 2-way conversation with her but I wish I had more people like that in my life. The Senior designer from work has loads of amazing ideas I want to get him involved in some way. He also does his own things and is really knowledgeable in design. I’m thinking that maybe I need to do more networking with similar people outside of my usual circle.

I’ve got back pain from the amount of stress I’ve been putting on myself. I’ve been staying late after work every day until 11pm¬†trying to work on my website. Basically, I’ve been getting home at 12am to go bed, waking up at 6am¬†to do some more project work, then going into work, finishing work, doing project work until 11pm (unless I have piano or computer help volunteering) #repeat. I’m exhausted but I feel like all this effort will pay off. It’s currently 6:50am and I’ve been up since 6am emailing people on LinkedIn and working on TrainMyBunny.com

I’m finding it quite hard to juggle work, project work, friends, hobbies and alone time.


Copy & images are still placement holders but how exciting!!!!!! I’m at work on my lunch break manually exporting the SQL and transferring the files over FTP. There were loads of little issues that I came across. I’m going to write up an article to overcome this and save it for my next venture. I’m so proud of myself ūüôā¬†

Hand in a Field Photo by Daniel Jensen
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