What A Rough Week

First of all, my driving instructor was 40 minutes late. I took holiday off work to get a lesson booked in with him as I’ve had 14 lessons with him during Easter break and now I’m left with him not having any weekend time. He promised miDrive that he would help but I guess he wanted that business and that was that.

He kept going on his phone whilst I was driving, I felt him put his foot down on the pedals a lot and not telling why he was doing it, laughing at me, telling me having a bad memory is okay, being pervy, being late every single lesson and booking 1 lesson every 2 weeks after Easter. I felt like he KNEW I wouldn’t progress if I wasn’t having lessons regularly. I texted him and contacted miDrive he doesn’t seem to care he’s lost my business because he’s already gained 14 hours of my driving time 🙁 I’ve asked for a refund from miDrive but they only gave me the remaining lessons I didn’t take.

After talking to people I realised my driving instructor had been sexually harassing me this entire time. Making me feel uncomfortable, sexualising words, rubbing the steering wheel, making me do it too pretending it’s a ‘method’ of driving and making noises and making me push the gear stick in a funny way. When I didn’t respond and brushed it off he started withholding information to teach me, laughing at me for doing things wrong, not correcting me and not giving me definite learning dates. He did the gear stick thing again last time 🙁 I reported him but miDrive didn’t seem to care and said they would “look into it”. It took my workmate telling me it was sexual harassment to realise that I have been a victim my entire life. It was a horrible revelation as the boundaries are so hazy. Even when I wrote about my experience with Couchsurfing I didn’t realise that guy had been abusing my vulnerability and sexually harassing me.  It sucked because I got a flashback of every single moment that I thought was odd but got over it; from guys in school grabbing me, colleagues grabbing me inappropriately on a night out,  another making inappropriate comments and brushing onto me a couple of times at work. I always thought it felt dodgy but then all of them say “sorry, it was an accident”, which I believed but now I think back. I am a bit like WTF?

Piano Lessons

Last week was my first lesson of the term. I FREAKIN’ LOVE LEARNING HOW TO PLAY THE PIANO. It’s something I can do to relax. I love seeing my progress from not knowing anything to playing a simple song. I’m currently learning how to play Again – Yui from Fullmetal Alchemist via youtube. After a long stressful day I enjoy coming home and having something to concentrate on. It requires so much concentration that I become engrossed; all I can think about is the music. 🙂

UI/UX Course

Essentially, I am doing 3 hours straight of Lectures every Monday. It’s pretty tiring. The information he’s providing us is just WAY TOO MUCH. When I do shake myself out of daydreams it’s quite interesting. There is so much research we need to do BEFORE we even begin with our idea. There’s so much work involved in starting up a product I didn’t even realise. I just use to dive in and learn whilst I was doing it lol.

I thought it would be more hands on which is how I like to learn not just sitting and listening; it is so difficult especially after 8 hours of work. When we’re put into groups to discuss and work together that’s when I really start kind of waking up. It’s hard to take so much information in one go and passively. So far I’ve learnt about Heuristic Evaluation, Personas and collecting research. The people in our class are kind of funny and really smart.

The class about building personas was really important for me as I need to do this for Train my Bunny to see what tone of voice and types of people I can reach out to. For example, 1 persona would be a girl in her late teens with a pet rabbit. She may have more than 1 as a lot of bunny owners have 2+ so their pet isn’t lonely. If it’s an in-house bunny they invest a lot of time and money into it as this is probably their main responsibility apart from school. They will also invest in toys, cages and loads of rabbit stuff. We were given this 10-page checklist of reviewing websites. I’m not so sure this is the route I want to go down as it’s so stats based. He talked a lot about qualitative and quantitative research which I vaguely remember from business class. Qualitative is opinion based and quantitative is stats based which can be used to back up reasoning for how you design the website.

Heuristic evaluation is after a website is roughly designed to identify issues in usability. There are 10 usability heuristics for UI design.

Just Met up with Flo & WIll

We met up to discuss the podcast we are having with Kieron. He is this super ambitious, driven and lovely guy from uni! I didn’t know him proper well back then and I don’t exactly know what he’s been up to but we stalked his CV together and it’s IMPRESSIVE. He does a lot of community work and working with children. I listened to a podcast he did with another dude and he explains why he likes working with University students and it’s just so inspiring. He talks about how begining and during university is the height of a student’s excitement in the certain subject and he wanted to grow that in it’s tracks and work with people with that positive mindset. After you go out into the world it’s all different and I totally get what he means. You gain more experiences, you may grow in passion but the excitement of it all slowly fades unless you work in a constantly changing environment.

They have a different way of bringing about the podcast which is super engaging and interesting. It’s not 100% what I want to do and I was a bit annoyed at first but having a night to sleep on it and wake up. I bought Flo in for a reason and it’s because I’m struggling with the idea and I’m quite passive she’s very driven, passionate and she may not have the exactly same mindset as me but she has a similar vision of helping others.  I’m going to go with along with it and see how it rolls – semi excited I feel like I need to do more research in what kind of things I really want to get out of this which we tried to talk about but there is just TOO MUCH to cover!!! We have to narrow it down lol.  Hopefully when the time comes nearer and we have a better idea of the structure!!!!!

Train My Bunny

I kinda regret forking out for content writers now. I know I could have written the content. As soon as they asked me “What the deadline was” I realised there is NO deadline. Could I have just easily written the content out myself slowly FOR FREE? Probably… lol either that OR… I set a proper deadline for website launch so that I have something to work towards like my driving Theory. I really need to write a business strategy or some sort of time table that I keep to of what content to write and when. I’ve tried to do it before but it put me off working as it was too structured. HELP WHAT DO I DO????? Do I just continue as a fun side project and dip in and out? … I feel like now I’ve given work out and spent money on it I need to kick myself into action…. show DON’T tell people say… gahhh I need an adviser? Someone to talk to about this stuff. Maybe I should re-join forums ?

To be continued…


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