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What Are My Lifetime Goals?

Every now and then (about 6 months) I’ll write down my life goals in my diary; short term AND long term. They seem to change quite often.

Last year my short-term goal was to buy a flat which I managed to achieve. This year my main short-term goals are to learn how to drive and to treat my mum better. At the moment, I am halfway through my driving lessons and I think I’ll be able to achieve that goal by the end of this year 🙂 It feels really good when you set out to do something and you put in a plan and actually achieve it. Yes, it can be stressful and some may say that I am setting myself up for failure and anxiety of not reaching them. But I believe most goals are reachable and it’s not always about the goal the journey is just as valuable. I learnt SO MUCH about budgeting and financing my personal life whilst saving for a flat. I was the most frugal person I have ever been in my entire life and it paid off! As long as someone else out there has managed to achieve whatever goal it is what’s stopping me from achieving them as well?

I’ve decided to write a list of all the things I want to do in my life just like Mandy Moore did in A Walk To Remember before she got some incurable disease and died LOL.

I’ve pretty much travelled about 1/4 of the world but there are still so many other places I want to see and about a kabillion things I want to do!

Travel List

Vancouver, Canada
Mexico (again but PROPERLY all over)
Rio, Brazil
Machu Picchu, Peru
Lake Bled Slovenia
Bali, Indonesia
Moscow, Russia
Seoul, Korea
New Zealand
Madeira, Portugal
Island hopping on any island
Lake District, UK


Go skiing
Go Snowboarding
Swim with dolphins
Go parachuting
Bungee jump
Learn how to sail
Learn how to scuba dive
Learn how to fish
Learn how to surf – catch my own wave 27th June 2018
Climb a huge ass fooken mountain
Go back to Burning man
Ride a hot air balloon
Learn how to do a backflip
Go in a submarine
Try paragliding
Visit the Amazon and go trecking for a week


Progress into a more Senior Role in my career
Make £500 this year from my website
Create/start a business
Get up to the salary of £100,000
Get Train My Bunny search term to the top of Google search
Create a game/app
Run 5 different websites
Get to 10,000 subscribers on youtube
Create season 1 of my podcast
Make enough money to look after my mum
Get better at public speaking
Give talks/hold a presentation 11th July 2018
Create my own merchandise
Design jewellery and sell it
Help a friends/other people’s business
Invest in another person’s business
Change my career and become a developer


Learn how to drive
Save up buy a Car
Write and record a new song
Write a sci-fi novel
Write a how-to product
Write a biography
Help a complete stranger
Finish Duolingo’s Chinese module
Finish Duolingo’s Spanish module
Fall in love
Run 10K 7th April 2018 with Debs
Start my own charity
Make a game
Improve on Piano to the point I am able to play Lo Mimieux Berceuse
Learn how to create a shopping cart in Ruby on Rails
Learn Python to create a natal birth chart creator
Read 500 books
Learn how to paint properly
Learn how to ‘digital’ paint
Complete the Cs50x Computer Science course

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