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Erm so I completely forgot to update the blog but I’d just wanted to briefly recap the last few weeks:

We went to some island with mega Carribean vibes called Caye Caulker where we swam with sharks, snorkelled and saw beautiful tropical fish and then ended up having a booze filled boat party. I have to say this was the best day we had in Belize!

Caye Caulker - Sharks
Caye Caulker – Sharks

The island was too relaxed and didn’t have that much to do except chill, sunbathe and drink rum.  We did end up going to a Reggae bar which is cray. I met some Rasta man who bought me drinks all night and we partied until the morning when a torrential downpour decide to walk us home. He kept trying to get me to dagger and I told him to stay an arm’s length away from me.

The experience was light and fun but I just felt like the entire islands existance was to entice tourists and make money from them. Nothing was there for the inhabitants.. the little shacks… the shops EVERYTHING was aimed towards tourists and not genuine maybe that’s what it’s like everywhere, even London but I don’t know it was off.  The inhabitants were really friendly enough but when something happened they didn’t like it would turn and they would get aggressive. The boat captain who took us out to snorkel was ‘nice’ he let us stay on his boat all night for no extra cost as we were having so much fun and he was getting drunk but he had been chatting up this german woman with us and without realising he was listening she was boasting/bitching about him coming onto her and saying that all men are the same give them a little bit of what they wish to want and they’ll do anything for you… and then after that it just went sour. This guy got aggressive when the woman tried to be affectionate towards him and she was so hammered she couldn’t get home properly but no one looked after her I felt bad. She didn’t really integrate with us and was a lot older.

Caye Caulker - Island
Caye Caulker – Island

Caye CaulkerThe aggressiveness leads me back to remember the night of the reggae bar. A guy outside kept trying to make me and my friend come back to his place constantly asking saying his auntie had a huge pool and a big house. He was sooo persistent  even after saying no and it was just odd. I didn’t appreciate that and I politely turned around and walked off back to my room.

The next few days we went to a few markets in a mountain and then  set off to San Ignacio.Some went to the ATM caves but I opted to go to  the Caracol Ruins as I didn’t want to be stuck in a dark, wet cave for a few hours. It was such a good day our guide was incredibly knowledgable about the plants, insects and the history of the Mayan kingdom. I loved it especially as we went to the waterfalls after for a little swim.

Big Rock Falls - San Ignacio
Big Rock Falls – San Ignacio


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