Dragons Breath

I’ve just finished eating dinner. I cooked for another German girl called Anne at the hostel as I have been eating the same meal for 3 days and wanted to finish the spaghetti and eat my msg noodles tomorrow. Today was tiring I sneaked in an afternoon nap whilst everyone had their helicopter rides around the island. I was too stingy to fork out the 200 bucks. I was also pretty exhausted from kayaking yesterday but still wanted to do stuff so when they came back I dragged myself out of bed and we drove to a few look outs points of some waterfalls, streams and mountains and then Poipu beach. We saw monk seals sleeping in the sand there it was so cute!
Poipu Beach - Seamonk
Poipu Beach – Seamonk
Dragons Breath
Dragons Breath
We also accidentally found the sprouting hole which apparently is called the Dragons breath from an old tale of a dragon that chased a man into the hole and got stuck. Every time it sprouts water it means the dragon is breathing. We wanted to go to a botanical garden but it was $30 which was way out of our budget so we sun bathed for a bit then a dark cloud started brewing and we decided to go back to the hostel. Just as we got into the car it started raining. Andrea commented on the drive back that we did every thing in perfect timing this week and I truly felt the same too. Everyone in Honu’eu International Hostel had become a little family picking up more arrivals as they come and losing people by day to their other travels. It was really nice to have such a group whilst being alone so far away from home. Im glad it was such a quiet island and no one partied or got paraletic. You got to experience the culture, the nature and all the activities in one sober peace 🙂
I know I will be sad to leave.
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