Exploring Mexico City

What a long day I managed to cram so much shit in.

I started off actually waking up in time for breakfast despite only having 5 hours of sleep. It really wasn’t worth the early morning as I only got 2 slices of broken toast, horrid grape juice ย and a banana. Still, it was better than nothing.
I set off to go to the Museo Nacional de culturas populares as my first stop as google told me it was free. I attempted to find my bus but for some reason none of them have numbers on them. So I decided to get on the one at the roughly correct bus stop that everyone else seemed to be getting on. Turned out it was the right one huzzah ๐Ÿ™‚
It was a beautiful colourful building inside were a few exhibitions for a Mexican illustrator and a photography exhibition. I also walked into another gallery that I had to pay for I struggled to understand the guy trying to explain where to buy a ticket so he gave up and let me in for free *sigh* seems to be happening to me everywhere.
In this place there were many stalls selling traditional Mexican clothes, ointments, jewellery and food.
Museum of Popular Culture
Museum of Popular Culture
After a wander I went to the Frida Kahlo museum which was the main thing I was looking forward to. I loved her beautiful bright eclectic lifestyle. After watching Frida I became intrigued in her way of thinking she was brave strong and concealed her pain throughout her life through fashion and her lust of life. I feel like she’s a bit of an idol for modern day women. Her belongings were all equally unique, handcrafted and so quaint and personal.
After this I found that Leon Trotksys apartment was down the road so I had a little visit. It was a bit empty and abandoned and you could tell there was less TLC for it than Frida and Diego’s house. Still, it was interesting to read about his life before he was assassinated.
Frida Kahlo's House
Frida Kahlo’s House
I googled the area after and Cinetec Nacionale was a 15 minute walk and id read that they played a lot of indie films and had a gallery and shops etc. It was a bit like a cultural building like the barbican (but less cool). I got there and the architecture was beautiful. It was very modern and really stood out in the street of traditional houses. I really liked it there and wanted to stay so I went to the box office and asked if any of the movies on were in English and the guy told me only 1 and it’s just started and was 2 hours long. It was called a Blue Ruin and apparently was about a guy who goes crazy and goes around shooting people.
So…I bought a ticket for a mere 25 pesos (I wacked out my alumni student card oops) and went and watched this random indie film I knew nothing about. It was a pretty fucked up film the guy ran around hacking and killing everyone.
Cineteca NacionalCineteca Nacional
I came out walked around more streets found Walmart got tired then went home.
I had a roomie!!! My first hostel roomie sort of and he was super lovely and wished we had more time to hang out and explore Mexico but I was going Cancun to playa del Carmen the next day to start this intrepid explorer style travel tour. Then more roomies turned up! All of my roomies were Mexican and it was great I got along really well with the girl as she spoke English a little bit better than my Spanish and we were talking, laughing and helping each-other. I’ve kept in touch with them as she welcomed me to Zapatas.
Zzz goodnight!
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