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Today, my boyfriend(P) and I walked past this Hypnosis practice in Winchester on the way to the station and it got me thinking about doing a course in it. I’ve been a bit sucked into watching Vishen on MindValley youtube videos to figure out my OKRs which, this girl Jennifer who I met on Society Gals, told me about. Jennifer is this uber-cool girl who runs her own life-changing course and an audio blogging app Wandertale. I regularly chat to her on Facebook and she has been showing me so many awesome things like MindValley… which has started to show me a lot of videos of Marisa Peer the founder of RTT who is part of his squad. I feel like I’m getting sucked into this crazy new world and I’m loving it!

I wasn’t interested in doing RTT, which is her course, because it seems a bit gimmicky and too long-winded to what I want but I am interested in how she delivers her content in clever marketing videos and how she manages to suck people, like me, in. I want to learn something similar but build my own course structure as hers is super pricy. I genuinely think that these Life Transformation Coaches have learnt so many different skills in Marketing, Psychology, Counselling, CBT and the use of Repetition in Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis that it actually works.

Imagine there were 5 different ways you can overcome your problems. Some work for others whilst not for everyone – imagine going through the process of ALL 5 methods – surely the ratio of success will be greater than just trying one method? It just seems like those like her are just using various proven methods repackaged differently and then marketed by an AMAZING inspirational, motivational speaker. They then use their amazing public speaking skills to inject the suffering audiences a ‘dream’ of successfully and easily eradicating all their problems in one go. Then when these people are ‘cured’ they are inclined and impressionable and sucked in to teach these new found skills to more people and it starts to become an epidemic that grows from its own success like a virus. And here’s me sitting here becoming a victim. It’s just such an interesting business model.

If the cost of solving ALL your internal problems was affordable would you buy in?

What if all your anxieties, worries were gone and you were transformed – what would you do with your life? I’d love to use similar methods to improve the lives of others and then implant positive ideas to help reach the goal of further improving the lives of other women by minimising work-hours whilst still being able to become financially self-sufficient and then using their existing soft and hard skills and talent and spreading that to their local communities.

How I discovered the art of NLP

Anyways, P remembered the name of the practice in Winchester and so I googled it and the coach had a series of qualifications next to his names; P.HYP, NLP, BIH, BWRT.

I did a little google of them and found NLP to be quite popular and it sparked my interest due to the fact it mixes 3 areas I am interested in: neurology, language and programming.

I am thinking about doing a hypnosis course to help my friends get through their problems through understanding my own issues and to eventually be able to coach other women through difficult times to help boost their self-esteem. The practices learnt from the NLP course seemed to suit my interests in psychology and coaching. I’m not sure whether this is a pyramid scheme or not because the more I read up on it the more it seems that there are 6 levels which DEFINITELY look like a Pyramid lol.

Source: Infinite Excellent

To me, there are 3 ‘proper’ levels.

  1. NLP Practioner
  2. NLP Master Practioner
  3. Teaching NLP to others

I guess once you learn how to overcome your problems you naturally want others to follow your methods right? SO then you become a coach to do it – what about the rest of your life? I guess these type of business models run a proper 360 around you to make money. You get sucked in then suddenly you’re paying yearly subscription fees. Whether you’re interested in changing your life for other purposes or you want a new direction in life or you want to help people, it seems to solve many things all in one method which is exactly what I want Madhat Girls to do in an ethical and positive way. I think that’s how they suck people in – the real NEED to want to solve a problem but not finding it yourself.

I want to figure out how to touch, inspire and uplift and make every single Madhatter’s life better in any way possible by first learning how to help them mentally and internally before we even begin to look into help others.

Marisa does this through her RTT program which is a mixture of CBT, Hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT, and Psychotherapy packaged into Self Improvement and meeting personal goals such as weight loss, esteem, overcoming fear depression and anxiety.

Vishen does this through MindValley through OKRs, Meditation, Health/Fitness, Promoting Care for Humanity and importance of Community packaged into Human Development to contribute to business and career success.

Madhat Girls will hopefully use something like NLP, CBT, Presentation Skills, Teaching Methods to promote financial freedom to skillshare and increase interest in community work.

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and it is the psychological approach that encompasses 3 most influential components involved in producing human experience. NLP shows how intertwining the 3 affects our body and behaviour (programming) which addresses the many levels involved in being human. Apparently it is mainly used for success in personal life and in business.

It seems like NLP consists of spiritual elements which probably comes from mindfulness and understanding oneself before you can understand others. Not sure how, but here’s a rando chart I found online.

Source: NLP Academy

Because NLP seems to be “accredited” it gives you some proof or certification you are qualified to practise these methods. You can build on top of it many different types of coaching paths such as better body image, smoking, life coach, hypnosis amongst others.

What do I want to do with an NLP course?

I want to transform women whilst educating them on how and why they should help others and how to do it just like how Vishen teaches ‘business secrets’ to grow businesses and incorporates Humanity and Ethics with it. I want to help talented women overcome internal blockages so that they become financially self-sufficient and work fewer hours a week using an existing skill they already have so that they afford their daily maintenance (basic physiological needs on Maslow’s hierarchy of beliefs: food, shelter water etc) which will allow them to spend more time on themselves, their families and helping their communities.

Free NLP Foundation Course

I found this FREE Udemy course online which covers the basics on what it is – it’s pretty good!

I have also booked one of those 2 day Free NLP Foundation Courses – watch me get sucked into a cult. SAYONARA!

My boyfriend loves these kinds of weird seminars of outlandish topics so wants to come with me on the second day – haha. He also mentioned if I AM interested I should just do the ยฃ10.99 course on Udemy.

Has anyone done an NLP course before? What are your thoughts and what have you used it for?

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