I’m In Mexico!


Well I got here at 5am and it’s now 9.55pm and I have done precisely nothing! Why? you ask. Well I got here early morning which totally effed up my

sleep and so I when I got to the hostel I slept. Now I’m jet lagged USA style 🙁
To be honest, I’ve enjoyed my own company and being alone today. I’ve not had a proper days rest indoors for weeks as there’s been so many activities and I’ve been surrounded by awesome people I wanted to hang out with.
My hostel is lovely and I’m the only person in my room. It’s a bit too fancy tbh but it was a total bargain.. £24 for 3 nights!
What I did get done was booking a flight and transfer. I decided against the 24hour bus due to being able to spend an extra day in Mexico City. I’m super excited about my entire trip but also a bit nervous as I haven’t bought my return ticket yet as I don’t know where I will be or end up. It will prove a bit costly to do it last minute but oh wells!
Adios for now as I am planning an itinerary for the next 2 days here super excited 🙂
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