Kayaking Down Wailua River

jurrasicI’ve just come back from drinks with people from the hostel at Tree Lounge. Today was so much fun and probably the best day so far! So in the end 7 of us went Kayaking we hadn’t properly all hung out yet so we just invited whoever was at the hostel. We kayaked some of the Wailua River for about an hour or so to where we found other Kayaks parked and stopped off and asked people where the trail lead to. We followed the trail for another hour which was super duper muddy and had cross a few rivers one of them the water was so rapid I nearly got washed away but there was rope to hang on to which was scary but fun to get over! There was also a bit through really long 7ft grass which felt like we were in Jurassic park on our little path hacking away at the leaves!  At the end of the hike we were rewarded with another beautiful waterfall and rock baths called the Uluwehi falls where we swam around an swam under the heavy 20ft falls! We had so much fun it was such a good day. Kayaking back was super difficult though as we were against the currents and we didn’t manage to go see the Wailua falls. I don’t think I would have made it my arms would have dropped off!


Kayaking down the river
Kayaking down the river with a few people from the Hostel


We then went back to the hostel after and the Powow festival was still going on across the street from us so we had a look and the others bought some stuff and we watched a few random dance things and decided to drive to Lihue to find the Hula competition.
We got to the place but unfortunately we were about 4 hours too late haha and so we asked the receptionist for some pointers on where to go and he gave us a list.
On our drive to the first on the list, Tree Lounge, we bumped into the rest of the hostel gang on their way to the same place as another local they had met had also suggested this spot so we all went in for drinks. There was awesome live music, good vibes and a great end to such a fun day!
Mahalo Kauai I’ve had the best time here so far everyone has been so kind and generous I feel so happy 🙂
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