Mexico City

This morning I woke up super late because I was jet lagged. I was pretty gutted as it was 2Pm by the time I had left. I planned to go see the Freda Kahlo museum and where she also lived which I was super excited about. Id recently watched the film Freda and instantly fell in love with her strength, beauty and bravery.

I decided to walk around the Palacio de Bellas Artes as it was down the road but I  couldn’t find the entrance or how to get in so I explored a little bit. I enjoyed an awesome live jazz/rock street band, tipped them and looked through a book market down the next street.
I got on the metro to find my way to the museum and got off and had been waiting at the bus stop for a 200 to Oceania Norte for a while and decided to ask a street merchant and he told me that it was a km down the road. I walked and got lost then gave up and decided to get on a bus going to Metro Chapultepec.
Here I found a huge park which was surprisingly beautiful. There were a lot of couples canoodling in there which was eeckkk but there was lots of other cool stuff to see. I found some ruins which looked like baths I think they were from the 1700s. There was a huge castle, Chapultepec Castle, which I could barely see because of the trees and plantation so I never bothered to look. I walked for about 2 hours around the castle and found a really pretty pond and lots of street stalls. There was also an arts and culture building but nothing was currently on. 
I walked some more and found a bigger pond and then the Museo de Arte Moderno and decided to go in and take a look. They ended up letting me in for free because there was only 1 hour till closing time which was great. I walked into the other building and found a photography exhibition. It was exhibiting  the life of Lee Miller who was a celebrated model and photographer for Vogue in the 1930-50s. She had such an interesting and eventful life I was captivated through the imagery and biography snippets written about the different points in her life. She led a great desire to help people which fed into her photography and had provided coverage of WW2 for Vogue which produced some graphic and really thought provoking shots. . She was also friends of famous artists such has Henry Matisse and Pablo Picasso. I actually really enjoyed this exhibition. When I had finished the gallery was closing so I headed back to the Metro to go home.
I decided to have another little explore before I went back and found myself down a street of shops selling electrical  parts and then I found myself in a mini Chinatown which was all run by Mexicans. Lo siento, no Chinos were present. After that I found the gadgets street with all the phones, the fakes and the laptops etc. It reminded me so so so much of China. I wanted to buy a cheap pair of headphones but was too shy and scared to ask how much as I’m not too confident with the little Spanish that I know. I think I will try to push myself tomorrow to ask how much and perhaps try to haggle a bit before I head out to try and find the Frida Kahlo museum again.
So it’s now 8.30pm and I’m hoping the day has worn me out so I can sleep at a normal time and wake up early tomorrow
So for now, Adios amigos! 
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