My Crazy Weekend in Disneyland, Paris

If you have been reading my blogs (most likely not) you will have known I booked tickets to Paris to meet my 2 friends I met on a game called League of Legends.
Max, the one who lived in Paris, said he would take me and Lovisa to Disneyland Paris but due to unfortunate circumstances Lovisa could not make it and had to cancel her trip hence me being able to meet her in Stockholm last week. This could have been a total catfish moment but I liked the sense of danger.


10am Got to Bercy in one piece on my 9 hour coach journey. I slept over night so I woke up feeling tired but happy I had managed to sleep for about 7 hours! The trip to Disneyland was super easy I walked to Lyon and got a train that took about 50 minutes.

12am I meet Max for the first time ever I’m a bit nervous but Sarah  (my best friend who I took with me) turns up half an hour later after a getting a flight down.

1pm We go find a locker to put our hand luggage in as we went straight there not to waste time.

So Disneyland happened and it was insane and we lost our shit. It turned out that Max’s mother worked there and she got as a fast track and discount off merchandise in store so of course we bought Minnie ears. Max also had worked at the theme park for a couple of holiday terms so he knew the people in the restaurant and got us free food. What an absolute success. I still can’t believe I met him on a game.

Sarah picked up some Stitch X Mickey Fantasia plushie that she went mental at but had to put it back down due to having low funds so sneaky me gave Max some dollar to ‘disappear’ and buy it so I could give it to her for her birthday.

10pm The long day in Disneyland ended and we went to go collect our luggage from the locker. When we got there it was shut. We checked the opening hours on the door 7am-10pm; we were 10 minutes late. All of our stuff was in there so we tried to go to information point and they kept saying they didn’t have the key and to come back in the morning. We didn’t know what  to do it was a horrible end to our amazing day and we should have seen it coming and been more prepared. We hadn’t gone to pick up the keys to the apartment either so that was another errand running  through our minds. If we  both went back to the apartment and come back to Disneyland it would probably cost us an extra 20 euros which was nothing but it would eat into our only day exploring in Paris. Then Max came to the rescue… he proposed that we stayed at his and then come back in the morning when we opened and we gladly accepted his saving offer!

We drove to his amazing apartment that was in a more villagey/rural area and stayed for the night. We woke up and he had already cooked us a huge breakfast – what great hospitality! Not only he got us into Disneyland for free but he got us free dinner, discount merch, a place to stay for the night, breakfast AND gave us a lift back to Disneyland. I still couldn’t believe our luck!


So we finally get to the apartment and Abdel (the shop owner) hasn’t opened his shop so we cant retrieve the key.  After some hussle bussle we get the spare one and go into our super cute studio apartment to put our stuff do the same road there was a market the sold a lot of fresh fruit, veg and meat which was perfect.

We went to the metro and I tried to buy a ticket only to be told it was free public travel for the ENTIRE WEEKEND… We hit jackpot so we ended up visited about 5 different tourist locations including: Le louvre, Eiffel Tower, Centre de Pompidou and the Notre Dame. We went for dinner at a place I found on trip advisor with great reviews and had snails. We also found a bar half an hour walk from our apartment called L’amintation General which had a Ska, Reggae Dub, Jazz, Swing band on. THEY WERE INCREDIBLE I even bought their Vinyl because I was that impressed <3

The end.

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