100% Free Udemy Courses

I was looking for FREE NLP courses and came across various Twitter Accounts linking to #FREEUDEMY courses! Now, I don't know about you but the word FREE instantly speaks out to me - I'm a digital scrounger. I went and

Not realising my emails weren’t coming through

You wouldn't think emails were SO important! Once you miss one week of them you're out of contact and you miss opportunities that may contribute to reaching your goals! In my audio blog I just talk through the emails I

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) combined with Hypnosis

Today, my boyfriend(P) and I walked past this Hypnosis practice in Winchester on the way to the station and it got me thinking about doing a course in it. I've been a bit sucked into watching Vishen on MindValley youtube

Dear BFFL please don’t feel unsupported

Do you ever feel like the people who you're close to just don't *get* what you're doing? My BFFL was having issues with feeling isolated because the people around her not understanding what she was doing. Here's one of my


Website Building