Rio Dulce

On the way to Rio Dulce we stopped off at a cute little island called Flores. There wasn’t much to do there so we only stopped by for an hour but I found a cute salon called Frida 🙂

We got to Rio Dulce eventually and the streets were excruciating narrow  so anything trying to get through larger than a van was invading the entire road/sidewalk/streets.

I kind of liked this place as there were loads of little shops and it was bustling. I did notice a hella lot of chicken shops though haha. Pollo everywhere!

The lodge was adorable. It was on stilts further along the river. There were loads of restaurants and lodges exactly like this: held on wooden stilts which was crazy as you could only get to them by boat – really secluded! The best way to describe it would be that it reminded me of a tiki style tree house. It had a thatched roof and no walls or doors and the bed was just out in the open and a net was hung up around it to stop the mozzies but that was it. I was fully exposed! I fell asleep to the sound of the gentle buzzing of the forest. And when I woke up I could look out and see the river and the amazing views 360′ around. I wish I had taken more photos.

Tortugal Hotel
Tortugal River Lodge

The next day everyone wanted to do a boat trip to a neighbouring island. The lodge was offering this and it costed like 30 quid or some shit and so I decided to go off on my own. I read in the toilets in the lodge that they had kayaks to rent for free! No one seemed to want to come kayaking with me so I went and grabbed the Kayak and started peddling around the huge river on my own ready to explore.

Kayaking towards the Castle
Kayaking towards the Castle

I kayaked for about an hour and half and finally reached this castle I could see from my room – that someone had told me I couldn’t get to by Kayak – PFFFFT proved you wrong! I parked the kayak and tried to heave the kayak onto the grass but got told off the security guards so I had to leave it around the side and walk through the gunk. I got there and the castle was AWESOME. There was this little old man who said he spoke 8 languages and asked if I wanted a free tour. He was so charismatic and interested in my life and very willing to learn more English words it was so endearing! A spanish couple joined me and he showed us around the castle swapping from  spanish to english and telling us about the awesome stories of where they held gun powder how they tortured their prisoners and through some of this tour we were in dark cellars etc and it was lit by a candle. At the last moment he took us to some spooky wet chamber and blew out the candle like “FINISH” and bowed xD I left and tipped him and he made me write in the guest book and said there hasn’t been anyone from England in a long time. Looking through the book there were visitors from all over the world it made me smile 🙂

Castillo de San Felipe
Castillo de San Felipe
Little old man - Castle san felipe
Little old man with his candles ^_^ – Castle San Felipe

I had a little rest and walked around this other section of Rio Dulce and walked into a really run down town. Nothing was open it was so empty:

Rio Dulce Town
Rio Dulce Town

I decided to go back and Kayak a couple more hours into the bushes where I could see some riverside houses:

Rio Dulce - Kayaking
Rio Dulce – Kayaking

They were BEAUTIFUL and BIG! And most of them had their own yachts. I peddled some more and found a bar/lodge/restaurant deep into the riverside forests and decided to park up, rest and have a beverage. This place was even more beautiful than the lodge I was staying at and it was so empty and secluded hidden in the heart of the river forests also only accessible by boat!


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